CfP Extended deadline – From Bureaucracy to Governmentality: Subjectification and Lived Experience MANCEPT (Sept 7-9)

MANCEPT workshop 2016 (September 7-9)
From Bureaucracy to Governmentality: Subjectification and Lived Experience
Convenors: Guido Barbi and Liesbeth Schoonheim
KU Leuven

The physiognomy of the modern mass state has been subject to thorough analyses ranging from Max Weber’s assessment of bureaucracy as legal rule, Foucault’s thesis on governmentality as replacement of sovereignty, to Niklas Luhmann’s system-theoretical account. However, despite their insights into the logic of the contemporary state, it often remains unclear how to incorporate into their accounts the lived experiences of individuals vis-à-vis the state. The attention for subjectifying practices inherent to the modern state often comes at the expense of conceptualizing the individual’s potential for agency. Nonetheless, political subjects are increasingly subjected to these practices, which prevail not only in spheres usually associated with the state (e.g., education, health care), but are also reproduced by transnational organizations and extended to civil society (e.g., NGOs, social media). Given this condition, the question how political agency can assert itself vis-à-vis subjectifying practices becomes ever more urgent.


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Summer School on Methods and Approaches in Normative Political Theory (Limerick, July 4-15 2016)

Applications are invited for the Summer School on Methods and Approaches in Normative Political Theory/Philosophy, sponsored by the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), to be held from July 4-15 2016, at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

The summer school is co-organised by the ECPR Standing Group in Political Theory, the ECPR Standing Group in Kantian Political Thought, and the Social Justice and Public Ethics Research Cluster at the University of Limerick. It is primarily aimed at graduate students and postdoctoral researchers working in the fields of moral and political philosophy/theory and it gives them a unique opportunity to exchange research and teaching ideas with colleagues from other universities and research institutes.


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Res Publica latest edition now available

Res Publica, Volume 22, Number 2, is now available online.

In this issue:

Scientific Facts and Methods in Public Reason
Karin Jønch-Clausen & Klemens Kappel

Convergence Justifications Within Political Liberalism: A Defence
Paul Billingham

Patriotic Conscientious Objection to Military Service
Shlomit Asheri-Shahaf

Aggressive Hook Ups: Modeling Aggressive Casual Sex on BDSM for Moral Permissibility
James Rocha

‘IP’ Moral Rights Breaches are Deception Offences, Not Property Offences: Correcting a Category Error
James McKeahnie

Perspectives on the Fairness of Lotteries
Jan-Willem Burgers

The Social Benefits of Protecting Hate Speech and Exposing Sources of Prejudice
Marcus Schulzke


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Religious Clothing and the Secular State

In this article I propose to make two arguments and express one main claim. One argument argues that if you are a Kantian about all-in ethical obligation, you should choose not to wear religious clothing in public. I call this the Kantian Argument. (Purists might wish me to call this the Kantianish Argument.) The other argument argues that I have a right to make the first argument. I call this the Uniform Argument. The main claim is this: even if you do not accept these arguments, it is desirable for people who have strong religious convictions, and who express those convictions in their dress, to undertake symbolic ways to show respect for the secular state. I call this the Respect Claim.


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Reminder CFP: Epistemic Perspectives on Democracy and the Market

Deadline for abstracts 20th May

MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory


7th – 9th September 2016

Conveners: Michael Bennett (University of York) & Jonathan Benson (University of Manchester)

This workshop aims to stimulate a productive dialogue between those working on epistemic arguments for and against democracy and the market. We welcome papers focused exclusively on epistemic democracy, papers focused exclusively on epistemic arguments for markets, and papers which bring the two debates together.

Alongside the tradition of epistemic democracy there is an opposing tradition, including Hayekian economics, of epistemic arguments for markets. Both traditions reject idealised epistemic assumptions such as normative certainty and agreement (common in ideal theorising about justice) and perfect information (common in neoclassical economics). Instead, epistemic perspectives take the reality of ignorance and uncertainty as the starting point for institutional design, and place the creation, communication and use of knowledge at the centre of their analysis.


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Second CFA: MANCEPT Workshop on Theories of Public Reason

MANCEPT Workshop on Theories of Public Reason
September 7-9 in Manchester

Conveners: Paul Billingham and Anthony Taylor (University of Oxford)

We invite abstracts of around 500 words, prepared for blind review, to, by May 11th.

This panel seeks to bring together those working on issues related to theories of public reason and public justification, broadly understood. There has been a significant literature developing in recent years around political and public reason liberalism. Alongside John Rawls’s view, distinct viewpoints on the idea of a publicly justified polity have emerged through the work of Gerald Gaus, Andrew Lister, and others. Not only are these accounts interesting by their own lights, they also relate to important questions about the foundations of liberalism, the scope of political toleration, the status of religion and other comprehensive worldviews in liberal democracies, and debates between perfectionist and anti-perfectionist liberals. We would intend for this panel to have a broad remit within this area, and so would invite submissions on any of the following issues:


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