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Locke, IP, and Waste

As I indicated in my comments on an earlier thread about waste, I’ve been working on a paper about Locke’s waste proviso and its application to intellectual property law. Here is (what I hope to be) a pentultimate draft:

Locke, The Waste Proviso, and the Moral Justification of Intellectual Property

It’s long – aside from the usual typo cleanup, one of the main things I’ll be working on before sending it out is concision. Another will be reading and including some of the papers mentioned in the waste thread. In any case, comments are welcome. What follows is the first page or so of the paper, which should serve as an abstract/guide for where I’m going. read more...

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Value Pluralism: “more must mean better”?

I’ve been working on Berlin-style value pluralism lately. I’m particularly concerned with the attempt (made by Galston and Crowder, among others) to derive liberal political commitments from value pluralism. My sense is that value pluralism has no entailments regarding politics. But that’s a topic for another day. I’m writing here to try to get some help on the meaning of a comment by Bernard Williams frequently cited approvingly in the value pluralist literature.

In his introduction to Berlin’s *Concepts and Categories*, Williams claims that “if there are many and competing values, then the greater the extent to which a society tends to be single-valued, the more genuine values it neglects or suppresses. More, to this extent, must mean better.” read more...

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Chicago: SAF at APA Central 2008 Call for Papers

SAF/APA Central: 16-20 April 2008 | CFP: 1 November 2007

The Society for Analytic Feminism invites submissions from members* for a session at the APA Central Division meeting in Chicago from 16-20 April 2008.

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Lexington: 2nd SAF Conference Call for Papers

SAF: 4-6 April 2008 | CFP: 1 November 2007

Two more last-minutes CFPs: The Society for Analytic Feminism will hold their second conference from 4-6 April 2008 at the University of Kentucky, Lexington:

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Journal of Moral Philosophy 4 (3), 2007: Issue on Metaethics

The latest issue of the Journal of Moral Philosophy has just been published and all articles are on the topic of ‘metaethics’. Papers were originally presented at a conference organized by Fabian Freyenhagen at King’s College, Cambridge. The issue can be found here. The contents are as follows:

Notes on contributors

Fabian Freyenhagen, ‘Editorial’, Journal of Moral Philosophy 4(3) (2007): 310.

Russ Shafer-Landau, ‘Moral and Theological Realism: The Explanatory Argument’, Journal of Moral Philosophy 4(3) (2007): 311-29.

Michael Ridge, ‘Anti-Reductionism and Supervenience’, Journal of Moral Philosophy 4(3) (2007): 330-48. read more...

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Manchester: SAP 2008 Call for Papers

SAP: 4-6 July 2008 | CFP: 7 December 2007The Society for Applied Philosophy 2008 Annual Conference will be hosted by the Manchester Centre for Political Theory (MANCEPT) at the University of Manchester from 4-6 July 2008. Submissions are welcome on any area of applied philosophy, although the conference has a jus post bellum sub-theme. Keynote speakers include Jeff McMahan, C.A.J. Coady, Gary Bass, and George Sher. Abstracts of 300 words should be submitted by 7 December 2007. A prize will be awarded for the best postgraduate student paper.Follow the links for more details. Comments are open if anyone wants to add information about MANCEPT or past Society for Applied Philosophy conferences. read more...

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