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NYU: Hart and Fuller at Fifty

NYU Law: 1-2 February 2008Via the inimitable Solum:NYU is hosting a conference on the Hart/Fuller debate about the separability of morality and the law. The conference will run all day Friday 1 February and till lunch on Saturday 2 Feburary. Speakers are Green, Coleman, Murphy, Schauer, Zipursky, Dyzenhaus, Lacey, and Waldron. Follow the link for the details.

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Philosophical Libertarianism

I’ve been working for a while on a entry on libertarianism as a political philosophy for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. It’s meant to explain the theory and some of the most common objections to it to a undergraduate/graduate student audience. My main goal in writing it was to move beyond the standard Nozickian/self-ownership varities of libertarianism and provide an overview of consequentialist versions of the theory as well. Some mention is also made of teleological and contractarian approaches as well, but mostly just to alert the reader that they exist. At any rate, I think the piece does better than most existing summaries at reflecting the diversity of libertarian theories, even if it isn’t always able to go into great depth regarding the arguments for and against. read more...

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Contact Form

I’ve removed the contact form on the About page as it has proved to be too unreliable. If you have tried to use the contact form and have not heard back from me, I did not receive your submission. Please email me with your details either at admin at publicreason dot net or to simonmay at vt dot edu. Sorry for the hassle.

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Reading Group on David Estlund’s ‘Democratic Authority: A Philosophical Framework’


I’m very happy to announce that, starting in January, we’ll be having a virtual reading group on David Estlund’s new book, Democratic Authority: A Philosophical Framework. We’ll read one chapter a week, and each week someone will post a brief summary of the chapter, as well as provide a few questions or comments to help kick-start the discussion. Those who want to participate can then use the comments function to discuss the chapter. I hope that lots of people, not just the initial list of contributors below, will decide to join in. We have a great group of contributors, and David has also very kindly agreed to participate in the discussion and provide his own post at the end. Below is a schedule for the reading group, which lists each chapter as well as the person who will start the discussion that week. See you in January!

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Hegel’s Political Philosophy: A Systematic Reading of the Philosophy of Right

Brooks Hegels Political Philosophy

If I may be allowed a chance to make a brief announcement, I am delighted to say that my new monograph, Hegel’s Political Philosophy: A Systematic Reading of the Philosophy of Right, is hot off the press. It is published by Edinburgh University Press and distributed in the United States by Columbia University Press. (It can be found at Orders in North America can be made here [or now at here — SCM].)

For a taster:

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Philosophy & Public Affairs 35 (4), Fall 2007

The Fall 2007 issue of Philosophy & Public Affairs is now available:

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