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“Getting Duped”

Just a quick distraction from the excellent discussion of David’s book. A short pop piece that I wrote with my friend Yvonne Raley titled “Getting Duped” is about to appear in Scientific American Mind. “Getting Duped” identifies a new fallacy, … Continue reading

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Estlund Reading Group Chapter 3

Here is the third installment of our reading group on Democratic Authority, which focuses on chapter 3, “An Acceptability Requirement.” Summary This chapter begins by restating the problem of the book, which is: Why not epistocracy? We know from the … Continue reading

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Response to comments on Chapter 2

I have some thoughts about the terrific discussion, so far (through comment 7), of my Chapter 2. I can’t take everything up, but I hope this offers some clarification where people asked for it. In addition to his excellent summary, … Continue reading

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Estlund Reading Group Chapter 2

Hi everyone, and welcome to the second week of our Estlund reading group where we’ll be discussing chapter 2, ‘Truth and Despotism’. Summary The chapter begins with a worry, expressed by Arendt, that appeals to truth in politics can be … Continue reading

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CFP: Berkeley-Stanford-Davis Graduate Philosophy Conference

BSD: 5 April 2008 | CFP: 1 February 2008 The Berkeley-Stanford-Davis Graduate Student Philosophy Conference will be held in Wellman Hall at Davis on 5 April 2008. Papers from graduate students at California universities in all areas of philosophy are … Continue reading

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Response to comments on Chapter 1

[Simon has advised me to submit this as a “post” rather than as a “comment.” As I write, there are 19 comments. I’ll insert a comment to mark the point at which I posted these remarks] This might be a … Continue reading

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