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Estlund Reading Group Chapter 7

(I’ve switched the last two posts around, so that David E’s response to the chapter 6 discussion is now beneath David L’s chapter 7 discussion. Please don’t overlook the former. SCM) In chapter VII, ‘Authority and Normative Consent,’ Estlund takes … Continue reading

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Response to Comments on Chapter 6

Daniel gives a very nice summary of the chapter and raises a few questions. First, he wonders whether the fact that democratic procedures might generate trust, and so compliance, is an epistemic or non-epistemic reason in its favor. Before taking … Continue reading

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2008 UNCG Philosophy Department Symposium: Ethical Perspectives on Risk

UNCG: 29 February – 2 March 2008 The UNCG Philosophy Department will be hosting a conference on ethics and risk February 29th to March 2nd. Details – including titles for the papers to be presented and a list of participants … Continue reading

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Estlund Reading Group Chapter 6

This chapter, as I read it, has four main articulations. First, Estlund sums up the basis case for epistemic proceduralism, on the basis of the arguments of the foregoing chapters. Second, he considers and rejects a final form of procedural … Continue reading

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Response to Comments on Chapter 5

The main issue that has come up in this week’s comments concerns my rejection of fair proceduralism. My argument against it was that procedural fairness can’t prefer a fair democratic procedure to a random selection of outcomes, since both are … Continue reading

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Suggestions about Socrates

I’ve just started working on a paper about Socrates and heroism, looking at the speeches and deeds of the Apology, Crito, and Phaedo. Given that something on the order of a million books and articles have been written about Socrates, I … Continue reading

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