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Martha Nussbaum with Bill Moyers

Via Thom Brooks and Brian Leiter, Martha Nussbaum in conversation with Bill Moyers here on liberty of conscience. Given Moyers’ other recent associations, this clearly makes Nussbaum unelectable.

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CFP: Thick Concepts

University of Kent: 3-5 July 2009 | CFP: 2 February 2009

Via Simon Kirchin at Ethics Etc., something that may be of interest to political philosophers:

Many philosophers are familiar with the distinction between thin and thick concepts. Canonical examples of thin concepts include goodness and badness, rightness and wrongness. There are supposedly many examples of thick concepts, including cruelty, kindness, beauty, elegance, and curiosity. A number of issues arise in relation to thin and thick concepts. Many might be familiar with a key debate, namely how one should construe the relationship between thick concepts’ supposed descriptive aspects and their supposed evaluative aspects. Do we have here two separable elements, or are they best characterized as essentially inseparable, resulting in a form of evaluation that is more specific than that found in thin concepts?

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CFP: Political Philosophy and its History

NPSA: 13-15 November 2008 | CFP: 15 June 2008

Via Fritz Allhoff at the Philosophy Google Group:

The Northeastern Political Science Association will hold its 40th annual meeting on November 13-15, 2008 at the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. Proposals for papers, panels, or to serve as a chair and/or discussant must be submitted before June 15, 2008 through the NPSA submission website. (Once on the submission website, create a username and password and follow the instructions.)

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Journal of Political Philosophy 16 (2), June 2008

Here is the June JPP:

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Journal of Political Philosophy 16 (1), March 2008

The March issue of JPP has been available for a while, and the June issue has just come out, so I thought I would post both. There are many people who use these links to access the articles, but unfortunately I cannot be relied upon to post them timeously. If anyone would like to “take over” a journal and post a notice when a new issue comes out, please feel free to volunteer. It is one way to keep on top of new articles coming out in the journals one may wish to be reading anyway.

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Remarks on Comments on Chapter 14, and a Concluding Note

I’m grateful to Zofia for the excellent summary and questions. Let me say something about her question in order:

On her (1): Zofia asks whether there is really much point to hopeless ideal theory if we really know it won’t be met. I wrote that one of the benefits of such theory is that we can surprise ourselves, but suppose we really do know that certain standards will never be met. She’s write that, since we’re limiting our concern here to standards that are not beyond people’s abilities, I would insist that it is usually pretty hard to really know that they won’t ever be met. But I hasten to emphasize that my defense of hopeless aspirational theory does not rest on this conjecture. The fact, if it is one, that a certain kind of normative political theory will never be met, is not a defect in the theory. More concessive theory is valuable and important too, of course.

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