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On the charge “That is Utopian”

Greetings Public Reasoners, Nicole’s post has gotten me thinking (okay, it’s gotten me to post; I’ve been thinking about this for a while) about the significance of data to political theory. In particular, it’s gotten me thinking about people charging … Continue reading

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Experimental Political Philosophy

Some people might be interested in an experiment that will be appearing in Utilitas on how people think about meeting needs. I should mention that the experiment plays a rather minor role in the paper which argues for a new … Continue reading

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Why Libertarians Should Be Welfare Liberals

I came across a nice paper by John Simmons a while back on why libertarians should be actual consent theorists and decided that I could combine his argument with something derived from an argument I’ve got coming out in the … Continue reading

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Why not hybrid embryos?

Recently, British MP’s voted to allow the creation of hybrid embryos for medical research. These embryos would be 99.9% “human” but 0.1% “cow” or “rabbit” — the animal element is simply the use of animal eggs, from which animal DNA … Continue reading

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Justice, Culture and Tradition

Institute for Advanced Study: 2-4 June 2008 Via Jacob T. Levy, a conference on Walzer at the IAS in Princeton: To recognize Michael Walzer’s contributions to the ethical and political philosophy of the twentieth century, a conference titled Justice, Culture … Continue reading

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CFP: Harvard Graduate Conference in Political Theory

Harvard: 31 October – 1 November 2008 | CFP: 1 August 2008 Via Jacob T. Levy: The Department of Government (FAS) at Harvard University will host its second conference for graduate students in political theory and political philosophy from October … Continue reading

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