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CFP: Sexual Selves

Sexual Selves: 1-3 May 2009 | CFP: 15 October 2008

The Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love invites papers for the upcoming conference “Sexual Selves” to be held on May 1-3, 2009 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The Keynote Speakers will be:

Martha Nussbaum (Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics, University of Chicago) and

Cressida Heyes (Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of Gender and Sexuality, University of Alberta)

Invited speakers include:

Scott Anderson
Ellen Feder
Deirdre Golash
Richard Mohr
Johanna Oksala
Melissa Orlie
Laurie Shrage
Anita Superson
Ludger Viefhues-Bailey

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A Thought about Racial Profiling

I have been thinking about the ethics of racial profiling. Say that racial profiling, roughly, involves law enforcers paying extra attention to members of a certain race, because it is known that members of that race are more likely to commit certain crimes. My familiarity with the philosophical work on the topic is entirely due to two very good articles, one by Arthur Applbaum:

“Racial Generalizations, Police Disretion and Bayesian Contractualism.” In J. Kleinig (ed) `Handled with Discretion: Ethical Issues in Police Decision Making.’ New York: Rowman and Littlefield, 1996.

and one by Mathias Risse and Richard Zeckhauser (linked to here):

Both articles argue that under the right conditions – and conditions not too different from those obtaining in many countries at present – racial profiling is justified.

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CFP: Alabama Philosophical Society

Orange Beach, Alabama: 26-27 September 2008 | CFP: 7 August 2008

Submissions in any area of philosophy are welcome. More info here. There’s also an undergraduate essay contest (same deadline).

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Ethics and International Affairs: Rights, Climate Change and War

Oxford: 1 July 2008 

Via Simon Caney, there are some places left for a conference in Oxford on 1 July on the work of Henry Shue. Those interested can sign up here, and have a look at the programme too. Speakers include Charles Beitz, John Tasioulas, Simon Caney, David Rodin, and Tony Coady.

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CFP: Rousseau and Revolution

Aarhus: 13-15 March 2009 | CFP: 1 December 2008

The University of Aarhus, Denmark, is hosting an international conference on Rousseau and Revolution from 13-15 March 2009. From their CFP:

Fidel Castro once told a journalist that one of his masters was Jean-Jacques Rousseau and that he fought Batista with a copy of the Social Contract in his pocket. This anecdote, true or false, calls attention to an aspect of Rousseau’s philosophy which is often ignored or forgotten in academic discussions, namely that his philosophy has often been used, for good or bad, to inspire and legitimize revolutions and rebellions, beginning with the French Revolution.

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CFP: Global Justice and the Nation-State

Lisbon: 23-24 October 2008 | CFP: 30 June 2008

The New University of Lisbon is hosting a conference on current research on global justice and the nation state on 23-24 October 2008. From the CFP:

Within philosophy and the social sciences, global justice, the nation, and the state are among the most discussed topics in recent years. Despite the considerable amount of scholarly work devoted to the topic, we still lack consolidated views with regard to the evolution of legal and political institutions beyond the boundaries of the nation-state as well as to their capacity of tackling matters of global justice. Recent international debate focused on the “new international order” set out in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and the US reaction, which led scholars to focus their attention on legal international institutions, political unilateralism, multilateralism, etc.

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