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Human Rights in Theory and Practice

Rutgers School of Law-Camden: 3 October 2008

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations in 1948, and in recognition of the UDHR’s 60th anniversary, the Institute for Law and Philosophy will host a one-day conference featuring panels on a range of philosophical and legal aspects of human rights. Committed participants include Charles Beitz (Princeton), Allen Buchanan (Duke), Roger Clark (Rutgers-Camden), James Nickel (Arizona State), Thomas Pogge (Yale), and Joseph Raz (Columbia/Oxford), with other additions still to come. Details to follow.

Registration is required, and there is a registration fee of $25 ($10 for students). To register, please e-mail and send a check, payable to Rutgers University, to: John Oberdiek, Rutgers University School of Law-Camden, 217 North 5th Street, Camden, NJ 08102. read more...

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re racial profiling

I just wanted to make some quick comments on racial profiling.  While sympathetic to Keller’s idea that compensation is owed those wrongly stopped, does he propose to cabin this to racial profiling, or does he want all wrongful stops by police to be compensated?  The former would seem to catch the idea that there is something different and, prima facie, wrong with profiling – the latter erases the idea that there is anything particularly ethically problematic about it.  He might be interested – as might other people in this discussion- by Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen’s article in J Pol Phil; by my response to Risse and Zeckhauser in the subsequent issue of PAPA (where there’s a terrific article on torture by David Sussman); and by the discussion in Criminal Justice Ethics, ed. by John Kleinig (vol. 26 no. 1 spring 2007) – with an article by Michael Levin that makes it clear what a fine line Risse has to ride in order to distinguish his arguments for profiling from those he would reject.  Risse there responds to Lippert-Rasmussen’s critique and mine; and I have another go at the topic.  Hope this is helpful and sorry for being self-referential, but didn’t have time to read the whole post, and thought the references might be helpful. annabelle. PS Applebaum’s article IS terrific. read more...

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Anderson’s review of Estlund’s ‘Democratic Authority’

Readers of this blog, and especially those who took part in the discussion of David Estlund’s Democratic Authority, might be interested in Liz Anderson’s recent review of the book in the journal Episteme (here).

(EDIT: actually, all of the articles in this issue, available here, may be of interest to readers.) 

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Global Justice and Human Rights event in Manchester

GJHR Group: 7-9 April 2009 | CFP: 10 September 2008

In addition to several other hats that I wear, one of these hats is co-convener of the Global Justice and Human Rights (GJHR) Group. This group is funded by the UK’s Political Studies Association (PSA).

Each year the GJHR Group is given sessions at the PSA annual conference: last year, we put on our first sessions since coming into existence a few months before. Each was very well attended and we have been awarded up to four sessions for the next annual conference.

The next PSA annual conference will take place at the Manchester Conference Centre from 7th-9th April 2009. The conference website is here. read more...

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Journal of Moral Philosophy news

Today, we have learned the news that the Journal of Moral Philosophy will be a quarterly publication from 2009. This is a major change that I have been hoping to achieve for some time. The JMP was launched in April 2004 and since this time we have published three issues per year. I am particularly delighted that we will be able to publish accepted work more quickly and provide more articles, review articles, discussion pieces, and book reviews to our readers.

At present, the JMP continues to be strong. We receive over 120 submissions per year minimum and our acceptance rate remains 10%. The majority of papers accepted are accepted after revisions. We currently use three referees for submissions and more than 80% of submissions are reviewed in two months or less.

The latest issue of the Journal of Moral Philosophy is now available. Please note that we have moved to Brill and our new website can be found here. (Our previously site with SAGE Publications is here.) All issues of the JMP can be downloaded from IngentaConnect here.

The contents are as follows:

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The Capabilities Approach, Religious Practices, and the Importance of Recognition

I have been working on a paper entitled “The Capabilities Approach, Religious Practices, and the Importance of Recognition” that looks into cases where Nussbaum’s capabilities approach and religious practices seem to clash. The paper can be downloaded free here. The paper’s abstract is:

“When can ever be justified in banning a religious practice? This paper focusses on Martha Nussbaum’s capabilities approach. Certain religious practices create a clash between capabilities where the capability to religious belief and expression is in conflict with the capability of equal status and nondiscrimination. One example of such a clash is the case of polygamy. Nussbaum argues that there may be circumstances where polygamy may be acceptable. On the contrary, I argue that the capabilities approach cannot justify polygamy in any circumstance. Her approach rules out polygamy, but may not rule out all non-monogamous relationships, such as polyamory. Finally, I conclude that the capabilities approach would benefit from a more robust understanding of recognition.” read more...

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