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PPPS: “The Roles of Religious Conviction in a Publicly Justified Polity”

Hi everyone. My name is Kevin Vallier. I’m a fourth year graduate student at the University of Arizona. My primary work is in political philosophy, but I have strong interests in ethics, philosophy of economics and philosophy of religion. I’m … Continue reading

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PPPS: “What Immigrants Owe Society”

The paper evolved as a side project to my doctoral dissertation on the theoretical and practical factors factors that ought to determine a just immigration policy. I was reading an article in the New York Times on immigration in Europe … Continue reading

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Berlin in Durham

Durham University: 14-15 November 2008 The School of Government and International Affairs at Durham is hosting a workshop on “50 Years Since Isaiah Berlin’s Lecture `Two Concepts of Liberty’” on 14-15 November 2008. Speakers include Diana Coole (Birkbeck), George Crowder … Continue reading

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Political Philosophy Podcast Symposium Schedule

I’m very happy to announce that the Fall 2008 Political Philosophy Podcast Symposium will commence this Friday. Each week, for the next ten weeks of the semester, we will have a paper podcasted on the site along with comments from … Continue reading

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We’re busy finalising the details for the podcast symposium, which will start next week, for those who have inquired. We’re just sorting out the last couple of people to comment on papers. We’ve got a great bunch of papers coming … Continue reading

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2009 Berger Prize

Public Reason member David Reidy, with co-author Jeppe von Platz, has been awarded the 2009 Berger Prize by the APA Committee on Law and Philosophy for “The Structural Variety of Historical Injustices,” Journal of Social Philosophy, v. 37.3, pgs. 360-376, … Continue reading

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