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Brettschneider Reading Group, Chapter 4

According to the value theory advanced so far, democracy is best understood in terms of three core values: equality of interests, political autonomy, and reciprocity. These values ground democratic rights of citizens, most obviously rights associated with the rule of … Continue reading

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PPPS: “Coercion as Enforcement”

I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in this forum, and thank Simon May and Public Reason for the work in organizing this symposium. My paper provides a positive account of coercion that responds to difficulties I have found in … Continue reading

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Call For Papers: Equality of Opportunity 2009

Conference: Whose Opportunities? A Critique of Equality  When? 29, 30, 31 October 2009 Where? Lisbon Organization Centre for Humanistic Studies, University of Minho (CEHUM) Centre for the History of Culture, New University of Lisbon (CHC) Call For Papers: Equality of … Continue reading

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Experimental Philosophy of Freedom

Consider the following case: Tanya lives in a small, newly created country in Eastern Europe. Perhaps the most important issue in the region is the treatment of a disenfranchised minority that lives throughout the country. Tanya truly dislikes the minority … Continue reading

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Brettschneider Reading Group, Chapter 3

So far Democratic Rights has forced a choice for theorists developing a conception of democracy. We can accept an austere procedural ideal or an expansive basket of substantive rights. Positions that fall in between are prone to instability. Ronald Dworkin famously exploited … Continue reading

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Brettschneider response to comments on Chapter 2 of Democratic Rights

Many thanks to Anna for another very careful summary and an important set of questions.  In Chapter One and our discussion about it I emphasized why the value theory forces proceduralists to make a choice: Either they can acknowledge that … Continue reading

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