Reading Group on Corey Brettschneider’s Democratic Rights

Starting on Monday, we will be hosting a virtual reading group on Corey Brettschneider’s book, Democratic Rights: The Substance of Self-Government. Following the model of the Estlund reading group, we will be reading one chapter each week. Someone will post a brief summary of the chapter, along with a few questions or comments to help start discussion. Corey has agreed to participate, and we hope you will join us. The schedule for the reading group is included below the fold. [Corey’s responses for each chapter discussion are linked in parentheses.]

Chapter 1:  The Value Theory of Democracy

October 6, Micah Schwartzman [Response]

Chapter 2:  Paradigmatic Democratic Rights

October 13,  Anna Stilz [Response]

Chapter 3:  Democratic Contractualism

October 20, Eric Beerbohm [Response]

Chapter 4:  Public Justification and the Right to Privacy

October 27, Loren King [Response]

Chapter 5: The Rights of the Punished

November 3, Jim Wilson [Response]

Chapter 6:  Private Property and the Right to Welfare

November 10,  Alex Zakaras [Response]

Chapter 7:  Judicial Review:  Balancing Democratic Rights and Procedures

November 17,  Alon Harel [Response]

April 2011 Update: The published symposium on Democratic Rights is available on the Representation website. — SCM

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