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PPPS: Freedom: Morality and Folk Intuitions

Broadly, this paper is concerned with the folk concept of freedom. In the paper, I consider non-philosophical intuitions about freedom by examining what ordinary people think about several interesting cases in which an agent’s freedom is restricted. I also compare … Continue reading

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Spring 2009 Political Philosophy Podcast Symposium

We’ll be starting this semester’s podcast symposium this Friday. We have five papers this semester. The first paper is available for download for people who are interested in reading it prior to this Friday’s presentation: 27 February: Jonathan Phillips (UNC), … Continue reading

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On Public Reason and Justificatory Liberalism

Hi All, This isn’t really my area, but I’ve been thinking a bit about public reason lately (in preparing to comment on a paper at the APA) and I could think of no better place to put my thoughts than … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of Justice: A Conference in Honour of Hillel Steiner

Date: 20-21 November, 2009 Location: University of Manchester The Manchester Centre for Political Theory (MANCEPT) is delighted to announce a conference celebrating the career of our distinguished colleague, Professor Hillel Steiner.  Professor Steiner’s pioneering work on freedom, rights, exploitation, and … Continue reading

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“3 Wishes”

Kant’s three maxims of “public sense” are: (1) Think for yourself (the motto of the enlightenment) (2) Think from the standpoint of everyone else (3) Think consistently Kant inspires me…. so I made this:  “3 Wishes” Cheers, Colin

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Public Reason on Facebook

I recently created a facebook group for Public Reason, although not for any particular purpose. I may put stuff up there from time to time, and anyone else is welcome to do so too.

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