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Condorcet’s Jury Theorem as an Argument against Mass Democracy

Ok, if the mathematics discussed in my last post are right, here’s the upshot: Condorcet’s Jury Theorem (in its original formulation) says that in an election between A and B (where A  is the right choice and B is the … Continue reading

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Condorcet Jury Theorem Mathematics Help

If the conditions of the Condorcet Jury Theorem hold, then every additional jurist/voter adds some marginal amount of accuracy to the jury as a whole.  However, this jury experiences diminishing marginal returns.  If every juror has a 51% chance of … Continue reading

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Lectureship in Political Theory at Manchester

Lectureship in Politics (Political Theory) School of Social Sciences Politics Closing date: 07/07/2009 Reference: HUM/90779 Applications are invited for the above continuing lectureship in Politics, specializing in Political Theory, tenable from 1 September 2009. The successful candidate will join the … Continue reading

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Journal of Moral Philosophy 6(3) (2009)

JOURNAL OF MORAL PHILOSOPHY: An International Journal of Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy (ISSN 1740-4681) Volume 6, Number 3 (2009) ARTICLES Alex Friedman, ‘Intransitive Ethics’, pp. 277-97 David Lefkowitz, ‘Partiality and Weighing Harm to Non-Combatants’, pp. 298-316 Gerald Lang, ‘Luck … Continue reading

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Fair Trade Bio (technology)

Hello! I’m soliciting feedback on a draft paper on a new way of getting pharmaceutical and biotech companies to extend access on essential drugs and technologies to the poor. I’m also keen to solicit references to other new (or working) … Continue reading

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Distributive Justice in the Abstract and Concrete

In talking with people about questions of distributive justice, one often encounters a peculiar sort of conflict or tension. It’s not just that different people hold different views on the question. Rather, each individual person seems somehow to be pulled … Continue reading

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