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Book Event on Susan Moller Okin at Stanford University

The Stanford political science department, in conjunction with the Ethics in Society Center and other campus programs, is hosting a special event on Friday, October 16 at 4pm.  It is open to the public. The occasion is the release of … Continue reading

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Dissensus – N°2 – e-journal in political philosophy

We are pleased to announce the second issue of Dissensus, focused on “Figures du courage politique dans la philosophie moderne et contemporaine”, directed by G. Jeanmart and L. Blesin, with contributions of G. Jeanmart, E. Tassin, M.-A. Gavray, A. Stevens, … Continue reading

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Tuck on the Rationality of Voting: A Critical Note

Some of you may be familiar with Richard Tuck’s recent book Free Riding. It’s a fascinating and valuable work, but I think much of the central argument, especially about the rationality of voting, is deeply flawed. Anyways, here’s a link … Continue reading

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VII Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy

VII Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy, 24-25 September 2009. Sponsored by HDCP/IRC- Human Development, Capability and Poverty International Research Centre at IUSS-Institute for Advanced Study (Pavia) under the joint patronage of the Italian Society for Political Philosophy and the … Continue reading

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Britain and Ireland Association for Political Thought

The Britain and Ireland Association for Political Thought (APT) was formally established on 9 January 2009 at the Oxford Political Thought Conference. A constitution was agreed as were the executive officers, including Professor Richard Bellamy (UCL, Chair), Elizabeth Frazer (New … Continue reading

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The search for articles about Kant’s political philosophy

Hello everyone, I’m Rafal Wonicki, the Assistant Professor at the Institute of Philosophy (University of Warsaw, Poland) and I prepare the volume concerning American and German interpretation of Kant’s political philosophy in one of the Polish Philosophical Journals. This number … Continue reading

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Justice for Hedgehogs: A Conference on Ronald Dworkin’s Forthcoming Book

“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” Archilochus Boston University School of Law will hold a conference on Ronald Dworkin’s forthcoming book, Justice for Hedgehogs, on September 25-26, 2009. Dworkin himself will give the keynote … Continue reading

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Reading group on Amartya Sen’s “The Idea of Justice”?

Would anyone here would be interested in taking part in a reading group on Amartya Sen’s new book, The Idea of Justice?  If so, I would be interested in starting it up in January 2010. read more…

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GRIPP postdoc at McGill, 2010-2011

The departments of political science and philosophy at McGill University, the Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire en philosophie politique de Montréal (GRIPP), and the Research Group on Constitutional Studies (RGCS) will offer one or more postdoctoral fellowships at McGill in 2010-11. … Continue reading

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Meet Stan Kazan and his Clan

Meet my neighbors, the Kazans. Stan and his wife Jan live together with their three grown children (one daughter and two sons) who are there until they can afford places of their own. They are a decent family, and they … Continue reading

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