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A quick housekeeping post: We now have about 650 registered users around the world. Most of these are registered as members, but quite a few are participants. (The former can publish new posts whereas the latter can comment only.) My sense is that it is perhaps inadvisable, as a general rule, for graduate students in the early stages of their studies to post to the front page, but this does not hold for advanced graduate students who have submitted or substantially completed their dissertations, or who have built up a record of publication. The same point applies, a fortiori, to people now working and publishing as academics without Ph.D.s. If you’re (now) in the either of these latter categories and would like to have your status updated, please send me an email at simonmay at vt dot edu (with some sort of verification so I know you’re not flogging junk). Also, members please let me know if your affiliation has changed and I’ll update the Membership page. New members may have noticed I’m no longer adding their books to the Amazon link list in the left hand column, since it has got quite long. I’m keen on making some changes to how the site is organised in the not-too-distant future, so feel free to use this thread as a suggestion box (with the proviso that utopian suggestions must be kept realistic).

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About Simon Cabulea May

Simon Cabulea May is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Florida State University. He received his PhD from Stanford University. His present research project generally concerns conflicts of moral convictions in public deliberation.
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