Dissensus n°4 – e-journal of political philosophy

We are pleased to announce the fourth issue of Dissensus, focused on “Efficacité : normes et savoirs”, directed by T. Berns and D. Pieret, with contributions of G. Jeanmart, T. Le Texier, D. Pieret, G. Brausch, L. Bouquiaux, A. Rouvroy, T. Berns, M. Cervera-Marzal, A. Janvier and V. Bonnet.

Dissensus is the University of Liege (Belgium) peer-reviewed electronic journal in political philosophy. Papers are welcome, in English or French and are to be sent to secretariat.dissensus[at]ulg.ac.be

Dissensus is available on http://popups.ulg.ac.be/dissensus/ and http://www.philopol.ulg.ac.be/dissensus.html.

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