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Conference – Debating Toleration, University of Pavia (3-5/11/2011)

Debating Toleration: Attitudes, Practices and Institutions

3 – 5 November, 2011 – University of Pavia (Italy)

3 November

13:30 Registration

14 -15 Presentation of current European Research Projects on toleration
Emanuela Ceva (University of Pavia), Coordinator RESPECT Project
Zacharoula Kouki (European University Institute), ACCEPT PLURALISM Project
Silvia Rodriguez (Centro de Estudos Sociais), TOLERACE Project

15 -16:30 Keynote speaker: Anna Elisabetta Galeotti (Piemonte Orientale University, Vercelli), A Case ofz
Disrespect: the Contested Mosque in Vercelli
Chair: Federico Zuolo (Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia) read more...

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Scanlon on Libertarianism in Boston Review

Tim Scanlon has an essay up at Boston Review on libertarianism and liberty:

“Libertarianism presents itself as a simple, clear, and principled view. It appears to provide a moral basis, in the value of individual liberty, for a specific political program of limited government and low taxes. The moral significance of liberty seems obvious even to those who believe it is not the only thing that matters. But the claim of the libertarian political program to be founded on this value is illusory. Three lines of thought lead to conclusions that might be seen as libertarian. But none of these shows that respect for the value of individual liberty should lead one to support the political program of low taxes and limited government that libertarians are supposed to favor.” read more...

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Symposium on Gaus’s Public Reason Liberalism

The editors over at the Cato Unbound blog are hosting a symposium on Jerry Gaus’s version of public reason liberalism. Jerry provides a lead essay. Three commenters have response essays. Readers of the blog will know the first two commenters, philosophers Richard Arneson and Eric Mack. The third is Peter Boettke, an economist at George Mason University who blogs at Coordination Problem. All four pieces are thought-provoking and will be of great interest to Public Reason Blog readers. Jerry will add a concluding response essay in a few days. Cato Unbound welcomes discussions at other blogs, so if anyone wants to discuss some of the issued raised in the symposium on this blog, Cato Unbound will link to it. read more...

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2012 Montreal Political Theory Manuscript Workshop Award

(le français suit)


Call for applications: The Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire en philosophie politique de Montréal (GRIPP), spanning the departments of political science and philosophy at McGill University, l’Université de Montréal, Concordia University, and l’Université du Québec à Montréal, invites applications for its 2012 manuscript workshop award. The recipient of the award will be invited to Montreal  for a day-long workshop in April/May 2012 dedicated to his or her book manuscript. This “author meets critics” workshop will comprise four to five sessions dedicated to critical discussion of the manuscript; each session will begin with a critical commentary on a section of the manuscript by a  political theorist or philosopher who is part of Montreal’s GRIPP community. The format is designed to maximize feedback for a book-in-progress. The award covers the costs of travel, accommodation, and meals. read more...

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Bleg-Readings for a Morality of War Course

Hi everyone.  I’m conducting an advanced undergraduate course on the morality of war next erm and would be very appreciative if anyone has any suggestions on which books or articles to assign.  Obviously, I know Walzer’s book is a classic, and there’s McMahan’s book Killing in War — but I’m not a specialist, so I could really use some help.  Many thanks in advance to everyone who posts a suggestion!

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PhD Fellowships in Political Theory at Central European University

Call for Applications:
Political Theory Track of CEU Doctoral Program in Political Science,


We invite applications for the Political Theory Track of the CEU Doctoral Program in Political Science for the Academic Year 2012-2013. The Political Theory track is designed to prepare students for a career in academia and institutions of applied research. It is highly competitive and welcomes applications from graduates of Political Science, Philosophy, Law, Sociology, Economics, and related disciplines. read more...

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