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MAs in Political Philosophy at the University of York

 MAs in Political Philosophy at the University of York

Reminder – apologies for cross-posting

The Department of Politics at the University of York is now accepting applications to its long-established MA programmes in Political Philosophy and Political Philosophy (The Idea of Toleration). We typically welcome 20+ postgraduate students each year to read for these two interlinked programmes.

Our postgraduate students come from all over the world, as well as from a variety of institutions in the U.K. The size of our MA programme means that we always have a lively community of graduate students in political philosophy, with events such as the biweekly Morrell Political Theory Workshop providing a focus for staff and students working in the area. read more...

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Podcast: The Politics of Interpretation and the Interpretation of Politics

Podcasts from the interdisciplinary conference ‘The Politics of Interpretation and the Interpretation of Politics’, which was organized by Jens Olesen (Oxford) and held at the Department of Politics and International Relations, have now been released on itunes. The conference provided a setting in which distinguished proponents and critics of some of the prevalent interpretive approaches currently used in humanities and social sciences research engaged in a rigorous debate about the advantages and costs of Hermeneutics, Contextualist and Straussian Approaches, Feminist Interpretations and Deconstruction, and to discuss the political assumptions that inform them, as well as aims that drive them. read more...

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2012 Montreal Political Theory Manuscript Workshop Award

The Groupe de recherche en philosophie politique de Montréal (GRIPP) is pleased to announce the 2012 winner of the Annual Montreal Political Theory Manuscript Workshop Award: “The Authority of Democracy,” by Daniel Viehoff, Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield. A workshop on the manuscript will be held at McGill University on May 29, 2012.

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CFP: Brave New World

CALL FOR PAPERS – Deadline for submission of abstract: 9th April 2012

Brave New World 2012, the Sixteenth Annual Postgraduate Conference organised under the auspices of the Manchester Centre for Political Theory (MANCEPT), will take place on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th June 2012 at the University of Manchester.

We are pleased to announce that our guest speakers this year are:

Richard Arneson (University of California, San Diego)

Charles Larmore (Brown University)

The Brave New World conference series is now established as a leading international forum dedicated exclusively to the discussion of postgraduate research in political theory. The conference offers a great opportunity for postgraduates from many different countries and universities to share experiences, concerns and research interests, to exchange stimulating ideas and to make new friends – all in a financially accessible and highly informal setting. Participants will also have the chance to meet and talk about their work with eminent academics, including members of faculty from the University of Manchester and guest speakers, who will deliver keynote addresses at the event. read more...

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Animals, Ethics and the Law Symposium

A two day symposium that may be of interest to some:

March 2-3, 2012
Howard Baker Center for Public Policy
Animals, Ethics and Law Symposium
Speakers and Titles:

  • Colin Allen
    Indiana Philosophy, Cognitive Science
    Ethics, Law and the Science of Fish Welfare
  • Taimie Bryant
    UCLA Law
    Animal Law and Virtue Ethics
  • David DeGrazia
    George Washington University Philosophy
    The Question of Animal Suffering
  • David Favre
    Michigan State Law
    Respectful Use: An ethical construct for lawful interactions with animals
  • Rebecca Huss
    Valparaiso Law
    The Intersection of Legal Issues Involving Animals and Gerontology
  • Clare Palmer
    Texas A&M Philosophy
    What (if anything) Do We Owe Wild Animals?
  • Nick Robinson (keynote)
    Pace, Law, and Yale, Forestry and Environmental Studies
    The Legal Principle of Resilience: A guiding norm for life in our anthropocene epoch
  •

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    2nd CFP: ON THE SCOPE OF DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE: Relational and Non-relational Views


    Relational and Non-relational Views

    July 5-7, 2012, Central European University, Budapest

    Organized by the Departments of Political Science and Philosophy, CEU and the Global Justice Network

    Keynote speakers:

    Simon Caney (Oxford University)
    Samuel Scheffler (New York University)

    Should duties of distributive justice extend to humanity at large or be limited to compatriots? The debate about the proper scope of distributive duties explores whether the concern with individual distributive shares is grounded in our shared humanity, as cosmopolitans claim, or rather duties of justice arise only among those who are subject to the same coercive political institutions, participate in a shared social practice, or share in the same culture, as proponents of the so-called practice-dependent view hold. Parallel to this debate, discussions in the theory of justice have focused increasingly on the problem whether an egalitarian distribution of social resources has independent moral significance, as distributive conceptions propose, or instead any profile of distribution is morally desirable only insofar that it advances egalitarian social and political relations, as social-relational conceptions of justice claim. The workshop aims to bring together these two debates in contemporary political theory, with the expectation that insights from one may shed new light on problems discussed in the other. We especially welcome papers that aim to bridge the two problems, but also interested in papers with new insights in either of the two fields. We welcome papers that discuss general theoretical problems as well as those with a practical political focus. read more...

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