Podcast: The Politics of Interpretation and the Interpretation of Politics

Podcasts from the interdisciplinary conference ‘The Politics of Interpretation and the Interpretation of Politics’, which was organized by Jens Olesen (Oxford) and held at the Department of Politics and International Relations, have now been released on itunes. The conference provided a setting in which distinguished proponents and critics of some of the prevalent interpretive approaches currently used in humanities and social sciences research engaged in a rigorous debate about the advantages and costs of Hermeneutics, Contextualist and Straussian Approaches, Feminist Interpretations and Deconstruction, and to discuss the political assumptions that inform them, as well as aims that drive them.

Speakers: Jean Grondin, Paul H. Fry, Carsten Dutt, Dieter Teichert, Mark Bevir, John G. Gunnell, Michael Freeden, Michael L. Frazer, Pamela Anderson, Terrell Carver, Elizabeth Frazer, James Martel, Lasse Thomassen, Joshua Foa Dienstag, Al P. Martinich, Terence Ball, David Boucher, Stanley Rosen, David Weinstein, and James Connelly. A short report on the conference can be found here. For the podcasts, please check itunes here.

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