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Global Distributive Justice: An Introduction

Chris Armstrong, Global Distributive Justice: An Introduction (Cambridge University Press, 2012)

  • This new textbook introduces the major theories and issues in a clear and accessible way, enabling students to navigate their way through the complex and fast-moving set of debates on global justice
  • It connects theory to practice by relating those theories to a series of important issues: human rights, natural resource ownership and sale, international trade, climate change and migration
  • It brings issues to life through the use of Case Studies, and includes ‘Further Issues’ sections which discuss emerging debates that are likely to command increasing attention

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From the reviews:

‘In this fine book, Armstrong has filled a significant gap in the literature by providing a very clear, learned and comprehensive discussion.’ Christian Barry.

‘This is a lively, clearly written and very helpful textbook that is accessible and yet philosophically engaging.’ Margaret Moore.

‘This book does an excellent job of introducing students to some of the most interesting and significant philosophical arguments about global distributive justice…It does students a tremendous service.’ Darrel Moellendorf. read more...

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Claudio Corradetti (Ed.), Philosophical Dimensions of Human Rights. Some Contemporary Views, Springer, Dordrecht, 2012

  • About this book

  • A unique collection by contemporary human rights authorities Provides a single picture of the most innovative aspects of human rights
  • Combines contemporary contributions with seminal works
  • The intellectual profile adds value to the political/diplomatic debates on human rights

This book presents a unique collection of the most relevant perspectives in contemporary human rights philosophy. Different intellectual traditions are brought together to explore some of the core postmodern issues challenging standard justifications. Widely accessible also to non experts, contributions aim at opening new perspectives on the state of the art of the philosophy of human rights. This makes this book particularly suitable to human rights experts as well as master and doctoral students.
Further, while conceived in a uniform and homogeneous way, the book is internally organized around three central themes: an introduction to theories of rights and their relation to values; a set of contributions presenting some of the most influential contemporary strategies; and finally a number of articles evaluating those empirical challenges springing from the implementation of human rights. This specific set-up of the book provides readers with a stimulating presentation of a growing and interconnecting number of problems that post-natural law theories face today.
While most of the contributions are new and specifically conceived for the present occasion, the volume includes also some recently published influential essays on rights, democracy and their political implementation. read more...

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CFA: MANCEPT Workshop on Well-being and Public Policy

MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory – Ninth Annual Conference
Manchester Centre for Political Theory (MANCEPT), University of Manchester
5th – 7th September 2012

Workshop on Well-being and Public Policy: Call for Abstracts

David Cameron, in a recent speech on introducing national measures of well-being to inform public policy, claimed that the UK government is aiming to measure the progress of the nation, “not just by how our economy is growing, but by how our lives are improving; not just by our standard of living, but by our quality of life.” In short, the UK government is looking to measure the nation’s well-being in order to “help make a better life for people.” Other governments and international organizations are also increasingly focusing upon well-being as a policy goal. read more...

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Blog Symposium on Libertarianism and Land

Over at the Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog, we’re running a symposium this week on the topic of “Libertarianism and Land,” featuring essays by Eric Mack, Hillel Steiner, Fred Foldvary, Kevin Carson, and David Schmidtz.

The first essay went up this morning: “Natural Rights and Natural Stuff,” by Eric Mack. The other essays will go up one per morning for the rest of the week.

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Thom Brooks, Punishment

Punishment is the most comprehensive monograph on the subject available. It is accessible for readers coming to the topic for the first time with new arguments and developments in each chapter that will be of interest to those already working in the field, including the defence of a new theory of punishment: the unified theory of punishment and its ideal of punitive restoration.

The blurb:Punishment is a topic of increasing importance for citizens and policy makers. Why should we punish criminals? Which theory of punishment is most compelling? Is the death penalty ever justified? These questions and many others are addressed in this highly engaging guide. Punishment is a critical introduction to the philosophy of punishment offering a new and refreshing approach that will benefit readers of all backgrounds and interests. This is the first critical guide to examine all leading contemporary theories of punishment, including the communicative theory of punishment, restorative justice, and the unified theory of punishment. There are also several case studies examined in detail including capital punishment, juvenile offending, and domestic abuse.
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Latest Issue of European Journal of Political Theory Now Available – Special Issue: Just War in the Shadow of 9/11

The latest issue of the European Journal of Political Theory (11.2) is now available and can be found here:
Special issue: Just war in the shadow of 9/11: Ten years on
Guest editors: Graham Long and Peter Sutch

Editorial: Just war in the shadow of 9/11: Ten years on

David Boucher: The just war tradition and its modern legacy: Jus ad bellum and jus in bello

Cian O’Driscoll: A ‘fighting chance’ or fighting dirty? Irregular warfare, Michael Gross and the Spartans

James Pattison: The legitimacy of the military, private military and security companies, and just war theory read more...

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