Global Distributive Justice: An Introduction

Chris Armstrong, Global Distributive Justice: An Introduction (Cambridge University Press, 2012)

  • This new textbook introduces the major theories and issues in a clear and accessible way, enabling students to navigate their way through the complex and fast-moving set of debates on global justice
  • It connects theory to practice by relating those theories to a series of important issues: human rights, natural resource ownership and sale, international trade, climate change and migration
  • It brings issues to life through the use of Case Studies, and includes ‘Further Issues’ sections which discuss emerging debates that are likely to command increasing attention

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From the reviews:

‘In this fine book, Armstrong has filled a significant gap in the literature by providing a very clear, learned and comprehensive discussion.’ Christian Barry.

‘This is a lively, clearly written and very helpful textbook that is accessible and yet philosophically engaging.’ Margaret Moore.

‘This book does an excellent job of introducing students to some of the most interesting and significant philosophical arguments about global distributive justice…It does students a tremendous service.’ Darrel Moellendorf.

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