Symposium on John Tomasi’s Free Market Fairness

The Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog is hosting a symposium on John Tomasi’s newest book, Free Market Fairness. The symposium begins today, June 11th, and runs through next Monday, June 18th.

The schedule for the symposium is below. Please see the introduction page here for more information.

Monday: Deirdre McCloskey – “Giving a Damn: The Missing Ethics in Political Philosophy

Tuesday: Elizabeth Anderson – “Recharting the Map of Social and Political Theory: Where is Government? Where is Conservatism?”

Wednesday: Will Wilkinson – “Market Democracy and Dirty Ideal Theory”

Thursday: Richard Arneson – “Free Market Fairness: John Rawls or J.S. Mill?”

Friday: Samuel Freeman – “Can Economic Liberties Be Basic Liberties?”

You can buy a copy of John’s book here. Read a review in the Wall Street Journal here. And listen to a short interview with John about the book at National Review Online’s Between the Covers here. You can also watch John talk about the book at a Cato Institute forum here.

We hope you can join the conversation!

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