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Princeton University Press Conference Discount

Now that the APSA annual conference is cancelled, Princeton University Press, which has a substantial list in political theory, is offering the conference discount through its website.

Here is the link:

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Call for papers

Workshop: “Sovereignty of the Market, or Sovereignty over the Market?”

23-25 January 2013 in Leiden (The Netherlands)

Deadline abstracts (300 words): October 1st, 2012.

This interdisciplinary workshop explores the hypothesis that the financial breakdown and the Euro-crisis raise a question of political legitimacy. The dependence of states on market actors, as well as supra- national regimes, challenges the idea of state sovereignty, which is central to theories of political legitimacy and authority. Perhaps regulatory regimes are not so much instruments of state intervention in the economy, but part of a political-economic constellation of power. Here, the question of political legitimacy – articulated most vocally by the “Occupy” movement – arises with respect to the political order as such. We do not just need to think about the intervention of the state in the economy, but we need to rethink the relation between state and economy at the most fundamental level. This workshop focuses on three core issues: 1) What is the nature of the interrelation between state and economy? How should the state-economy nexus be conceptualized? 2) What challenges does the paradox of regulation pose to some of the most fundamental concepts of political theory: i.e. those of sovereignty, legitimacy, and authority? 3) What are the institutional implications of the paradox of regulation? How should democracy be reconceived in relation to pressures from the economy? What forms of political agency are available? And how can state regulation of markets be legitimate? Philosophers, political scientists, legal scholars, and others working in a relevant field are invited to submit a 300 word abstract before October 1st to one of the email adresses below. For a longer description of this workshop click here. read more...

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The Lottery as a Democratic Institution

As you may know, I am organizing a workshop at Trinity College Dublin on “The Lottery as a Democratic Institution.” This workshop will be co-organized by Gil Delannoi (Sciences Po) and Oliver Dowlen. The workshop will be held on October 11-12, 2012. Details about the workshop can be found at Please consider attending, and spread the word about the event. Should you have any questions about it, please let me know.

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New Economist blog post: “How Much Equality Would You Like?”

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely recently argued in the Atlantic that “Americans want to live in a much more equal country (they just don’t realize it).”

A new post in the Economist refutes Ariely’s conclusion by challenging his interpretation of survey data and his understanding of Rawls’s theory of justice: “How Much Equality Would You Like?”

Another post on Big Think expands on the critique: “Do Americans Really Envy Sweden’s Egalitarianism?

— Steven Mazie

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Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships: Political theory and political philosophy students encouraged to apply

Dear all,

The call for Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion fellowhips is up at:

The deadline is October 24 for fellowships lasting one year, from Summer 2013 to Summer 2014.

While I have no particular role in awarding these fellowships, I do think it’s worthwhile to bring them to the attention of political philosophers and political theorists since (according to a program officer I happened to talk to several months ago) few apply for it compared to the legions of students in departments like Comparative Literature and English who apply as a matter of course. Because the fellowship is geared towards “humanities” disciplines, political theorists and philosophers may not even realize that they’re eligible. But they emphatically are—including political theorists in political science departments; those who are formally in social science departments but use humanistic approaches are well within the program’s scope. If existential evidence is required: I got one of these when I was in grad school (in a Political Science program). read more...

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Call for Papers

Global Environmental Justice

Workshop to be held at the Universität Bremen
26/27 April 2013

Call for Papers

In recent years, global environmental politics and its study have increasingly engaged with normative questions, including global justice. Justice and equity norms have been on the agenda of international environmental politics ever since the latter’s emergence in the 1970s, but gained much prominence in the context of more recent debates about global climate change, the conservation of the world’s natural resources (e.g. forests, fisheries or biological diversity) or the international trade in hazardous wastes. Core questions include: Who should contribute how much to the avoidance of future environmental harm? Who ought to pay the costs incurred by the need to adapt to a changing natural environment? Which obligations do current generations have towards future ones in preserving the integrity of the natural environment? read more...

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