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2013 Montreal Political Theory Manuscript Award / Prix de l’atelier de manuscrit de philosophie politique de Montréal

(le français suit)


Call for applications: The Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire en philosophie politique de Montréal (GRIPP), spanning the departments of political science and philosophy at McGill University, l’Université de Montréal, Concordia University, and l’Université du Québec à Montréal, invites applications for its 2013 manuscript workshop award. The recipient of the award will be invited to Montreal  for a day-long workshop in April/May 2013 dedicated to his or her book manuscript. This “author meets critics” workshop will comprise four to five sessions dedicated to critical discussion of the manuscript; each session will begin with a critical commentary on a section of the manuscript by a political theorist or philosopher who is part of Montreal’s GRIPP community. The format is designed to maximize feedback for a book-in-progress. The award covers the costs of travel, accommodation, and meals. read more...

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APT/Oxford Political Thought Conference Registration Now Open

The Political Thought Conference, St Catherine’s College, Oxford, is now open for registration online at :

Speakers include Lea Ypi, Patchen Markell, Rob Jubb, Duncan Bell, Anne Phillips, Alan Finlayson, Ruth Kinna and Margaret Moore.  Details available at:

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“TVA” Conference: Themes on the Moral Philosophy of Kant and Rawls

The Program for the Tennessee Value and Agency (“TVA”) 2012 Conference is now available here:
Those interested in attending may consult Adam Cureton,, with questions, should there be any. The meeting is open to the public and we hope political philosophers in the area will give special thought to attending. It’ll be a very good meeting.

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Ideals and Reality in Social Ethics 2013 – Call for papers/panels

University of Wales, Newport
Caerleon Campus, 19-21 March

Keynote speakers:

– Seyla Benhabib (Yale University)
– Geoffrey Hawthorn (Cambridge University)
– Andrew Sayer (Lancaster University)

Theorists are expert at theorising. Should they also be expert at negotiating the challenges of practice? Should practitioners and policymakers listen to them? Or is it best that these two realms are kept at a healthy distance?

A sequel to the successful event of the same name held last April, this conference will explore relations between normative theorising and critique, and the ‘real worlds’ of social and political practice. We welcome both papers which address the nature and practical relevance of political, social and moral theory, and papers applying such theory to issues of current social concern. At last year’s conference, topics covered in the 80 papers ranged from ideal vs non-ideal theory; ‘ethics-first’ vs ‘politics-first’ political philosophy; how to apply concepts from ethical and political theory in the context of government policy consultations, equality, models of good parenting, environmental politics, multiculturalism, democracy, EU citizenship, education, professional ethics, war and terrorism, and basic income policies. read more...

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UCL Political Theory Seminar Programme

The UCL Political Theory Seminar Programme for this Term is below. Papers shall be available at at least one week before each seminar. All seminars are held at 5.00pm in The Council Room, School of Public Policy, 29/30 Tavistock Square.

Oct 17: Corey Brettschneider, Brown University, `Value Democracy as the Basis for Viewpoint Neutrality: A Theory of Free Speech and Its Implications for the State Speech and Limited Public Forum Doctrines’ Oct 31: Victor Tadros, Warwick, ‘What Might have Been’ Nov 14: Jeremy Jennings, Queen Mary, `Liberalism and the Morality of Commercial Society’ Nov 21: Thomas Pogge, Yale, `Are We Violating the Human Rights of the World’s Poor?’ Nov 28: Sarah Fine, Kings, London, ‘Immigration and Discrimination’ Dec 5: Anne Phillips, LSE, ‘Revisiting Humanism’
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Oxford Political Thought Conference/Association for Political Thought

The new website of the Britain and Ireland Association for Political Thought (APT) is now live at:

Please send us news of you jobs, conferences, events and any other items to:

Those wishing to join the Association may also do so via the site.

Details of the Association’s next annual Oxford Political Thought Conference at St Catherine’s College (2-5 January 2013)  can now also be found there, and registration will go live soon.

Any feedback you have about the new site would be most appreciated.

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