CONFERENCE:  “Democratic Rights – Democratic Duties”

Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, New South Wales

3-4th July 2013

The Faculty of Arts at Charles Sturt University organises a conference on the topic “Democratic Rights – Democratic Duties”. The event aims to bring together academics working in the humanities, to foster discussion over what rights and duties are bestowed upon citizens of democratic countries. Papers will cover topics such as political participation, the ethics of voting, just war theory, the language of democracy, human rights.



Jason Brennan (Georgetown, USA)

Tom Campbell (CAPPE)

Russell Daylight (Charles Sturt University)

Piero Moraro (Charles Sturt University)

Massimo Renzo (Warwick, UK)

Sarah Sorial (University of Wollongong)

Kevin Walton (University of New South Wales)


Academics interested in offering a response to one of the above presentations should send their CV and a short statement of how the themes of the conference bear on their research interests (150 words max.)  to Piero Moraro ( by 15th March 2013. Respondents’ accommodation and catering costs will be subsidised.

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