Res Publica Postgraduate Essay Prize 2013

Res Publica: A Journal of Moral, Legal and Social Philosophy
Postgraduate Essay Prize, 2013

For the ninth year running, Res Publica will be awarding a prize for the best paper submitted by a current or recent postgraduate student. This may be in any area of moral, legal, social or political philosophy.

Entries should conform to the normal requirements for submissions – please see for details.

We invite entries from both current postgraduate students and those who were awarded their PhD (i.e. passed their viva) no earlier than 1 May 2013 (the prize winner may be asked to provide proof of their current or recent postgraduate status).

All entries must be received by 1 November 2013, with the winner to be announced early in 2014. The winner will receive £100 and a one-year subscription to the journal. The winning essay will be published in the third or fourth issue of Volume 20 (2014).

Previous winners:
Alexandra Couto, ‘Privacy and Justification’ 12.3 (2006)
Alasdair Cochrane, ‘Animal Rights and Animal Experiments: An Interest-Based Approach’ 13.3 (2007)
Göran Duus-Otterström, ‘Betting Against Hard Determinism’ 14.3 (2008)
Seth Lazar, ‘The Nature and Disvalue of Injury’ 15.3 (2009)
Guy Sela, ‘Moral Luck and Liability Lotteries’ 16.3 (2010)
Christopher Nathan, ‘Need there be a Defence of Equality?’ 17.3 (2011)
Mark Hanin, ‘A Moral Critique of David Copp’s Naturalistic Ethics’ 18.4 (2012)
Franz Fan-lun Mang, ‘Liberal Neutrality and Moderate Perfectionism’, 19.4 (2013)

The prize will be judged by two referees, along with the journal editors.

Entries should be submitted via the journal’s submission website – – and labelled PG Essay Prize.

There is more information on Res Publica on the Springer website at:

Or contact, the co-editors:
Philip Cook: Philip.Cook[at]
Sune Laegaard: laegaard[at]

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