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1. Capitalism, Democracy and the Crisis, Again. The Social Question, Today

Neoliberal ideology, which has been transformed into a kind of global meta-political direction, considers democracy as an obstacle to capitalism, as it had already been mentioned by Norberto Bobbio more than thirty years ago. Thus, capitalism —or financial capitalism— has come to oust democracy, namely the power of political self-determination, by establishing a kind of rule of capital in place of the rule of law. The onset of the crisis, which many believe resulted from the lack of limitations and constraints to capitalist activity, could be taken as a factual refutation, or even as a reversal of the neoliberal thesis. Do democratic political answers to the economic crisis exist? Democracy itself is in crisis and according to many observers this crisis has been determined by an unfettered capitalism promoted through those parties and movements that fuelled and adopted policies inspired by neoliberal ideology. In this case, what could be the possible answers that democracy could offer? Answers to which problems? To the state of public finances, with the aim of restoring the economic and political conditions, as well as the arrangements in place prior to the crisis; or to the spread of inequality and poverty, to the worsening of the social question that the crisis and its governance have produced? Should not we consider —tautologically— the restoration of democracy and the power of political self-determination as the remedy to the crisis of democracy itself, as well as to the inability or weakness of political classes subordinated to the economic power, in dealing with the social question? Are technocracies and populisms (of different leanings) remedies or causes of even worst evils?

Teoria politica welcomes papers on the following topics:

  • The endogenous or exogenous nature of the crisis of capitalism and democracy: the interactions between economic and political system;
  • Technocracies and populisms: form and substance of political directions in relation to the crisis of capitalism and democracy;
  • Inequality, unemployment, impoverishment: size and shape of the «social question» today;
  • The balanced budget requirement and the «anti-social» directions of constitutional and legislative policies in Europe;
  • Phenomenology of social policies in different regions of the globe.

2. The Legislator, the Ruler and the Judge: Three Figures of Power

Not only the lexicon, but also a large part of the basic notions of the current political language have its roots in the ancient world: a long-term that always leads back to the classical sources of our culture. To counter the risk that the attenuation of the theoretical capacity to understand and interpret reality, yielding to the myopic illusion «that every ten years the story starts over» (N. Bobbio), it becomes necessary to rethink the fundamental categories of politics and rebuild the vicissitudes through which they have been shaped over the centuries. The same current crisis of political power and the erosion of the paradigm of constitutional democracy suggest to reconsider the archetypal figures of the three powers to which we usually attribute the key government functions —the legislator, the ruler, the judge— as well as to create new grounds for reflection about many of the recurring problems of political life.

Teoria politica welcomes papers on the following topics:

  • The role and function of the legislator, since the Greek culture to modern constitutionalism;
  • The perennial tension between law and power, and the specific contrast between the laws and the will of the people;
  • The ambiguous nature of government between technical function and role of command;
  • The ever-present conflict between the administration of justice and the exercise of political authority.

The submission procedure can be downloaded, in pdf format, in the next link

Deadline: January 15, 2015

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