The PGR and the September Statement

The last few days have been quite unusual in the philosophy blogosphere. Since I’ve taken a public stand, I thought I should post something on my own blog about these developments.

Sally Haslanger and David Velleman posted a Statement of Concern regarding Brian Leiter’s emails to Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins and Noelle McAfee. This was followed by a September Statement calling for Prof. Leiter’s resignation as editor of the Philosophical Gourmet Report, as well as a separate list of Recent Events Involving Brian Leiter detailing further allegations of hostile conduct towards members of the philosophy community.

Today at DailyNous, Alex Rosenberg and I both have guest posts regarding the controversy: Rosenberg and May. I defend the September Statement and urge philosophers to sign it. More discussion on the future direction of the PGR is provided in an earlier post at DailyNous.

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About Simon Cabulea May

Simon Cabulea May is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Florida State University. He received his PhD from Stanford University. His present research project generally concerns conflicts of moral convictions in public deliberation.
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