Law, whether understood as an institutional organization of life in common or as a rational discourse about the conditions that allow that order, constitutes a viewing point from which we can observe any aspect of society. Similarly, starting from virtually any social event it is possible to draw a line that leads, eventually, towards the legal. The deep interrelation between law and other dimensions of social life dictates, therefore, that the study of the law be conducted from a multidisciplinary perspective. Furthermore, the importance of what is at stake in the relationship between the legal and its social environment requires that this study be undertaken from a critical perspective.

Inspired by this diagnosis, the journal Derecho y Crítica Social [Law and Social Criticism] (DCS) has been created, with the aim of creating a platform for critical examination of the legal from the most diverse disciplinary perspectives. DCS is an international and multidisciplinary journal that is published in electronic format, and is subject to a strict policy of peer review. DCS will publish original articles in Spanish or English that are the result of original research, and Spanish translations of relevant articles previously published in other languages. However, it also seeks that thepapers published in it produce a reflection beyond the academic space about the social problems affecting Latin America. In particular, DCS is interested in identifying the role that law plays as a cause, condition or possible solution to these problems.

The editorial board of DCS invites submission of manuscripts for publication in the first volume of the journal, to be published during 2015. We welcome contributions from scholars with institutional membership and independent academics, as well as from university students. The call to publish in DCS is permanent and manuscripts can be sent at any time. This, however, does not guarantee publication in the next issue after the date of acceptance. As a suggestion, we recommend sending contributions until May 30 for inclusion in the first issue of the respective year and October 30 for inclusion in the second issue.

More information about the journal, its editorial board, the process of review and publication of articles, and detailed instructions for preparing manuscripts can be found on the

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