SciencesPo Political Theory Seminar § Program 2015/2016

Venue: SciencesPo, Ecole Doctorale, 199 bd. Saint Germain, 3rd floor

For details on each session, please visit:

PROGRAM 2015 • 2016 



September 10  Efraim PODOKSIK(Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
October 13 Laura DICKINSON(The George Washington University)
October 15  Enzo ROSSI(University of Amsterdam)
November 26  Charlotte EPSTEIN(University of Sidney)
December 10  Emanuela CEVA(University of Pavia)
January 14  Jean-Fabien SPITZ(Paris 1)
January 21  Horatia MUIR WATT(Sciences Po)
March 10  Roberto FREGA(EHESS)
March 24  Etienne BALIBAR(UC Irvine)
April 14  Rainer FORST(Goethe University)
May 5  Andrea SANGIOVANNI(King’s College)
May 12/19  Simon Cabulea MAY(Florida State University)
May 26  Hans LINDAHL(Tilburg University)
June 2/9 Cécile LABORDE & Aurélia Bardon(University College London)
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