CFPs for Reason Papers

Please consider submitting an essay for one of our upcoming special symposia in Reason Papers.  For more information, or to peruse our Archives, please visit the site at : 

CFP 1: Philosophy of Play

Reason Papers is soliciting contributions for a Spring 2016 symposium on normative issues in play. We invite submissions that explore the nature of play; its developmental importance; and its role in human lives, values, and societies. We are also interested in explorations of the relationship between play and other human activities (such as other recreational activities, education, or work), structured vs. unstructured play, and children’s play vs. adult play.  Submissions are due by February 1, 2016.

NEW DEADLINE: March 1, 2016

CFP 2: 9/11 Fifteen Years Later: What have we learned? What should we do?

Reason Papers is soliciting contributions for a Fall 2016 symposium that reflects on the state of America fifteen years after the shocking events of 9/11.  With the hindsight that only time and careful scrutiny can yield, submissions from various disciplines are invited to engage with epistemological, moral, political, historical, and legal issues, including but not limited to: intelligence gathering, security and liberty, surveillance and privacy, international anti-terrorism efforts, the politics and economics of rebuilding, emergencies, memory and memorialization, non-state actors and war.  Submissions are due by July 1, 2016.


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