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Dear all,

Consider submitting a paper or panel for the Oslo meeting of the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR) in September 6-9, 2017 for the International Political Theory section that Peter Niesen (Hamburg) and I (Carmen Pavel, King’s College London) have put together. The deadline is FEBRUARY 15. Please find a description of the call for papers below.

You can propose a panel or paper for our section here

on the right hand side of the page where there are links for ‘Propose a paper’ and ‘Propose a panel’.

If you are not a member of our section, please consider joining. You will need to create an account and under MYECPR, go to Groups and Networks/Current Groups and Networks and select from the list International Political Theory. We look forward to seeing you in Oslo, Norway!


This Section on International Political Theory (IPT), organized by the convenors of the Standing Group in International Political Theory (SGIPT), encompasses political theory and philosophy as it pertains, broadly, to global, international and transnational relations. IPT studies questions concerning the philosophical and normative grounding, as well as the historical and political development, of global, international and transnational institutions and orders; the rights and duties of individuals and groups in transnational contexts; the moral standing, rights and duties of states in international society; the legitimacy of international law and global constitutionalism; global distributive and social justice; international criminal justice and mechanisms of accountability; problems of historical injustice and transitional justice; just war and the ethics of the use of force; migration; and environmental justice. The Section is open to various theoretical perspectives and methodologies. Panel topics envisaged for 2017: Secession from international organizations; Refugees, borders, and global mobility rights; Financial transactions and global justice; Understanding and rectifying transnational historical injustice; Ethics of war and intervention; Violence and the law; Justice and intractable conflicts; Indigeneity and global order; Transnational protest and civil disobedience; Human rights in theory and practice; Human-animal-relations from a cosmopolitan point of view.


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