History of public reason volume

Quick plug for a new volume I’ve co-edited with Gerald Gaus that might be of interest to many here.

The volume, entitled “Public Reason in Political Philosophy: Classic Sources and Contemporary Commentaries,” aims both to provide a replacement for standard social contract anthologies–by focusing specifically on public reason themes–and to make the case to scholars that modern political theory can be fruitfully organized around the idea of public reason. It therefore provides a scholarly introduction to the public reason theories of classic political philosophers, whose work is often in the background of contemporary discussions.

Besides distinctive selections from Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, and Kant, it includes chapters by S.A. Lloyd (Hobbes), Gerald Gaus (Locke), Christopher Bertram (Rousseau), Oliver Sensen (Kant), Geoffrey Sayre-McCord (Hume), Kenneth Westphal (Hegel), Gerald Postema (Bentham), and myself (Mill).

If you are interested, there is an ebook version available now for considerably less than the hardback, which will be out by the end of the month. Here is the link: https://www.routledge.com/Public-Reason-in-Political-Philosophy-Classical-Sources-and-Contemporary/Turner-Gerald/p/book/9780415855594


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