Public Reason is a blog for political philosophers and theorists. The purpose of the blog is to create an open forum for the academic political philosophy and theory community where we can discuss our common work.

There are two types of user status at Public Reason: participants and members.

Participants have the ability to comment on posts. Participant status is intended for those who have some background and interest in political philosophy, but who are not (yet) professional political philosophers or theorists currently working in the field. Undergraduate and (post)graduate students would ordinarily register as participants.

Members of the site have the ability to post a variety of items directly to the front page. These include:

  • Literature discussions. Start a discussion about a recent journal article.
  • Reading groups. Work through a book chapter by chapter with colleagues.
  • Working papers. Upload or link to working papers and receive feedback.
  • Conference announcements. Post information about forthcoming conferences or calls for papers.
  • Fellowship announcements. Advertise upcoming fellowship application deadlines to a broader audience.
  • Teaching discussions. Post ideas or questions about conveying theoretical concepts in the classroom.
  • General issues. Raise an issue of academic interest not sufficiently addressed in the literature.

To register as a member, you must be employed (or at present actively seeking employment) as a bona fide academic political philosopher or theorist actively engaged in research in the field. Members of the site will ordinarily have completed a Ph.D. in a relevant discipline.

Those interested in joining the site as members should register using this link. Please include a link to your faculty or academic staff webpage. We will not be able to register new users as members without this link. Please keep in mind that your registration may take some time to be approved.

Both participants and members must be logged in to comment. Users of the site may only publish comments under their full names.

All queries should be sent to “admin” at “public reason.net”.

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