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Assistant Professor Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs Institute of Public Administration Leiden University

CfA: MANCEPT 2017 Workshop, The Politics and Ethics of Disenfranchisement

Convenors: Andrei Poama (Leiden University), Tom Theuns (SciencesPo/UvA)

Many of the current debates on voting rights focus on reasons for extending the franchise to those who have never enjoyed it, like non-citizen residents, children or, more recently, non-human animals. With some exceptions, contemporary political theorists have paid less attention to the practices whereby voting rights are taken away from persons who have previously been entitled to exert them.

The purpose of this panel is therefore to focus on the question of disenfranchisement, as distinct from the one of enfranchisement. This means that we will examine the underlying rationales and justifications for those practices whereby people lose their right to vote, broadly understood. We will focus on voting rights and, more specifically, on actual or proposed forms of legally sanctioned disenfranchisement, as opposed to de facto obstacles to exerting the franchise. As such, we are interested in both partial and total forms of permanent or temporary (legal) disenfranchisement. Historical examples such as civil death and the 1935 Nuremberg Laws are also interesting sources of analysis. Further, papers that engage the conceptual politics of disenfranchisement or offer taxonomies of disenfranchisement are welcome. read more...

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affiche_red Keynote Speaker: Judith Butler Theme: Politics of the Sensate Subject

The 5th Graduate Conference in Political Theory of Sciences Po Paris will be held on June 28-29, 2017. Each year, the conference brings together young political theorists representing a variety of traditions and methods to discuss the work of one prominent author. This edition will focus on the work of Judith Butler (Maxine Elliott Professor, UC Berkeley), who will be our keynote speaker.

A well-known public intellectual, Judith Butler has explored the disquieting relationship between subjects and norms through acclaimed books on gender identity and vulnerability. Her more recent works, from Senses of the Subject to Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly, invite us to reconsider in the light of a critique of the subject the ethical and political issues at stake in social relations. By redefining the subject in terms of  interdependence, Judith Butler argues for a “social ontology” which grants a central place to the concept of sensitivity. read more...

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CFA: Conference on Public Life and Religious Diversity, University of Oxford

Department of Politics and International Relations and Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

Location and date: Harris Manchester College, 7-9 September 2017

Academic convenors: Teresa Bejan, Simon Caney, Elizabeth Frazer


In the past two decades, there has been much talk in political theory about the role of religion in the public sphere. The resulting discussions of public reason and its limits, secularism and disestablishment, the nature of toleration, and the scope of religious exemptions have been invaluable. For many theorists, however, the fundamental worry remains: can the tensions between the demands of liberalism and the obligations of faith be negotiated? Or will containing—or constraining—religion within the bounds of a liberal polity always infringe upon the freedom of conscience ostensibly at liberalism’s core? read more...

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Sciences Po 4th Graduate Political Theory Conference

Keynote Speaker: Chantal Mouffe

 We are happy to announce that the Fourth Sciences Po Graduate Political Theory Conference is going to take place at Sciences Po, Paris, 21-22 June, 2016.

We welcome contributions from young political theorists across the board and intend to accommodate various approaches to political theory (analytical, historical, normative and critical). We also aim at geographic diversity, in that we shall try to foster a substantial academic dialogue between young political theorists from Europe and their peers across the world.

Chantal Mouffe (University of Westminster) will deliver the keynote address. The work of Chantal Mouffe covers a broad range of topics regarding democratic theory, post-marxism and the critique of liberal politics. She has written extensively on issues related to the Gramscian concept of hegemony, the discursive construction of political subjects, agonistic pluralism and radical democracy, and has touched on subjects such as European politics, citizenship, feminism and artistic practices. Contributions that touch upon any of these subject-matters are encouraged, but we welcome proposals on other topics as well. read more...

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SciencesPo Political Theory Seminar § Program 2015/2016

Venue: SciencesPo, Ecole Doctorale, 199 bd. Saint Germain, 3rd floor

For details on each session, please visit:

PROGRAM 2015 • 2016 



September 10  Efraim PODOKSIK(Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
October 13 Laura DICKINSON(The George Washington University)
October 15  Enzo ROSSI(University of Amsterdam)
November 26  Charlotte EPSTEIN(University of Sidney)
December 10  Emanuela CEVA(University of Pavia)
January 14  Jean-Fabien SPITZ(Paris 1)
January 21  Horatia MUIR WATT(Sciences Po)
March 10  Roberto FREGA(EHESS)
March 24  Etienne BALIBAR(UC Irvine)
April 14  Rainer FORST(Goethe University)
May 5  Andrea SANGIOVANNI(King’s College)
May 12/19  Simon Cabulea MAY(Florida State University)
May 26  Hans LINDAHL(Tilburg University)
June 2/9 Cécile LABORDE & Aurélia Bardon(University College London)
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Conference: Disobey! Understanding the Politics and Ethics of Disobedience, IPSA, RC31/SciencesPo Joint Conference

September 28-29, 2015
Venue: Cevipof, 98 rue de l’Université, Paris

Day 1: September 28

9:30-10:00: coffee & croissants
1 Panel 1: Sorting Out Disobedience: Concepts and Types (1) – 10:00-11:30
(Moderator: Tom Theuns, SciencesPo)

Why Prometheus could not have disobeyed
(Andrew Knox, UCL)
Fighting Back: Rejection of Punishment in Civil Disobedience
(Jeanne Provencher, Keble College, Oxford)

11:30-11:45: coffee break

2 Panel 2: Constitutional Disobedience – 11h45-13h15
(Moderator: Maurits De Jongh, SciencesPo)

Constitutionalizing civil disobedience? The case for universal legal exemptions on the grounds of conscience
(Andrea Baumeister, University of Stirling)
Disobedience as constitutional driver: why disobedience is constitutional (and constitutionally necessary) in well-ordered societies
(Anirudh Mathur, LSE)

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