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Extended Deadline for Murphy Fellowships

The Murphy Institute at Tulane University has extended its application deadline for 2017-2018 Center for Ethics and Public Affairs Faculty Fellowships/Visiting Research Professorships. The new deadline is December 31, 2016.

To apply for these fellowships, please visit here, scroll down, and click the “Apply Now” button. Application is free of charge for all applicants by using this link.

These fellowships are available to support outstanding faculty whose teaching and research focus on ethics, political philosophy, political theory, or questions of moral choice in areas such as, but not restricted to, business, government, law, economics, and medicine. read more...

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On Vallier’s Ch. 6 “Reconciliation in Law”

I have known Kevin and his work for five years, and I am glad that so many great people have joined in this reading group. Special thanks go to Simon May for supporting our discussion. I will here keep my summary remarks to just the most central issues of the chapter for, despite the many things Kevin and I agree about, I have a number of issues to raise.


Chapter 6 draws out the implications of convergence liberalism in two areas. First, Kevin is concerned to bring out the implications for the political production of law, including issues of public advocacy for policies and judicial interpretation of laws. Second, Kevin considers the issue of legal accommodation, illustrating the convergence analysis of accommodation with illustrations drawn from case law regarding the free exercise of religion. read more...

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Reading Group: Liberal Politics and Public Faith

This post is to announce, and perhaps provide a stable page for linking to posts related to, our reading group on Kevin Vallier’s Liberal Politics and Public Faith. I am modeling this post and the general direction of the group after the successful reading groups here on the Public Reason Blog. The schedule and list of commenters is below, with the posts being weekly starting October 18th. Following Kevin’s precedent, “I suggest that we divide the posts roughly into an expository part and a critical part. I also hope that we can structure criticisms so as to facilitate constructive discussion. Discussion in the comments should focus largely on the issues raised in the post.” read more...

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