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Final year PhD student working on Sufficientarianism in distributive justice

Keele University Considers Closing Philosophy Dept.

Keele University is considering closing its philosophy department. Anyone concerned should join this facebook group for more details on how they can help fight it. 

Alumni and others concerned by this are encouraged to write emails to this address:

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Bibliography for Sufficientarianism

For a number of years I have been compiling a bibliography for “sufficientarianism”, a position in distributive justice. Political and moral philosophers interested in distributive justice and distributive ethics may find this a helpful resource and it is, as far as I know, the only bibliography on this topic. Because of this I have made the bibliography available online.

I would be very grateful if anyone has any comments or could suggest any relevant articles, books or book chapters that I have missed out. The bibliography is here. Email suggestions to l.p.shields [at] read more...

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