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M.A. and Ph.D Philosophy – Binghamton University

Binghamton University’s graduate program in social, political, ethical and legal philosophy (SPEL) invites applications for M.A. and Ph.D degrees in philosophy The SPEL program offers an innovative approach to graduate study in philosophy. Students receive a traditional education in philosophy … Continue reading

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Dear all, Here is an advert for a cool new job at Birmingham in Global Ethics: As some of you may know, Birmingham’s Philosophy Department is expanding and transforming and they have appointed some of the best philosophers as … Continue reading

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New Work in Experimental Political Philosophy?

Dear all, I am interested in finding new work on experimental political philosophy that might be worth mentioning in a review article on the topic. Any references would be great. All best, -Nicole Tweet

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A Thought on the Ideal and Non-Ideal Theory Distinction

Many of you have probably seen Simmons’ article just out in PPA on ideal and non-ideal theory. Simmons defends Rawls’ account of the ideal/non-ideal theory distinction and his paper is a must read. That said, I have been ruminating over … Continue reading

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At the risk of starting another discussion on libertarianism… but for the record.

Kevin asked me to post these comments which I had hoped would make it onto the Molinari web page a long time ago. They provide a short response to some replies by Jan Narveson and Roderick Long to some comments … Continue reading

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Fair Trade Bio (technology)

Hello! I’m soliciting feedback on a draft paper on a new way of getting pharmaceutical and biotech companies to extend access on essential drugs and technologies to the poor. I’m also keen to solicit references to other new (or working) … Continue reading

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On Public Reason and Justificatory Liberalism

Hi All, This isn’t really my area, but I’ve been thinking a bit about public reason lately (in preparing to comment on a paper at the APA) and I could think of no better place to put my thoughts than … Continue reading

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JOB: Carnegie Mellon

Dear Colleagues, I am pleased to announce that Carnegie Mellon University is searching for two tenure track assistant professors. One position is in ethics or political philosophy and the other position is open. Below are links to the job descriptions. … Continue reading

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Experimental Political Philosophy

Some people might be interested in an experiment that will be appearing in Utilitas on how people think about meeting needs. I should mention that the experiment plays a rather minor role in the paper which argues for a new … Continue reading

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Why Libertarians Should Be Welfare Liberals

I came across a nice paper by John Simmons a while back on why libertarians should be actual consent theorists and decided that I could combine his argument with something derived from an argument I’ve got coming out in the … Continue reading

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A quick thought on utilitarianism, non-ideal theory, sweatshops, and distributive justice.

So, I’ve been thinking about utilitarianism and non-ideal theory. Although what I’ve come up with may be quite obvious, I’d be interested in reflections on the thought. It seems to me that there are times when we might do best … Continue reading

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An Argument for Fair Trade?

Hi, So I have this argument I’ve been thinking about for the conclusion that, theoretically, it is quite possible that Fair Trade will offer Pareto superior improvements for the poor. I’d love any thoughts. The argument makes the standard economic … Continue reading

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