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Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Edinburgh Editor-in-Chief, Res Publica

Res Publica latest edition now available

Res Publica, Volume 22, Number 2, is now available online.

In this issue:

Scientific Facts and Methods in Public Reason
Karin Jønch-Clausen & Klemens Kappel

Convergence Justifications Within Political Liberalism: A Defence
Paul Billingham

Patriotic Conscientious Objection to Military Service
Shlomit Asheri-Shahaf

Aggressive Hook Ups: Modeling Aggressive Casual Sex on BDSM for Moral Permissibility
James Rocha

‘IP’ Moral Rights Breaches are Deception Offences, Not Property Offences: Correcting a Category Error
James McKeahnie

Perspectives on the Fairness of Lotteries
Jan-Willem Burgers

The Social Benefits of Protecting Hate Speech and Exposing Sources of Prejudice
Marcus Schulzke

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Latest Edition of Res Publica: Special issue on Justice, Climate Change, and the Distribution of Natural Resources, plus New Associate Editors

The latest edition of Res Publica is now available: a special edition on ‘Justice, Climate Change, and the Distribution of Natural Resources’ Guest Edited by Fabian Schuppert.

We are also pleased to announce a new team of Associate Editors.

Table of Contents

Philip Cook & Sune Lægaard

Introduction: Justice, Climate Change, and the Distribution of Natural Resources
Fabian Schuppert

Self-Determination and Resource Rights: In Defence of Territorial Jurisdiction Over Natural Resources
Ayelet Banai

Shared Sovereignty over Migratory Natural Resources
Alejandra Mancilla

Water Crisis Adaptation: Defending a Strong Right Against Displacement from the Home
Cara Nine

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Ten Fully Funded PhD Scholarships in Politics/IR at Edinburgh

Up to 10 fully funded PhD scholarships in Politics & International Relations, Edinburgh

Applicants interested in work in political theory/political philosophy are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Political Theory group at Edinburgh is a large and diverse comunity of academics, post-doctoral fellows, and PhD students. We hold weekly research seminars and regular conferences and workshops. We host the Just World Institute which, in addition to research activities, has a flourishing programme of public engagement events:

More information on doing a Political Theory PhD in Edinburgh can be found here: read more...

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Res Publica 21:3 out now: including winner of 2014 PG Essay Prize and critical exchange between Klosko and Weithman on Rawls

Res Publica volume 21, issue 3, is now published, including the winner of the 2014 postgraduate essay prize and a critical exchange between George Klosko and Paul Weithman on Rawls’s political liberalism.

Winner of the PG Essay Prize :
Psychological Constraints on Egalitarianism: The Challenge of Just World Beliefs
T. J. Kasperbauer

Critical Exchange:
Rawls, Weithman, and the Stability of Liberal Democracy
George Klosko

Reply to Professor Klosko
Paul Weithman

Stability: Political and Conception: A Response to Professor Weithman
George Klosko

Rabbits, Stoats and the Predator Problem: Why a Strong Animal Rights Position Need Not Call for Human Intervention to Protect Prey from Predators
Josh Milburn

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Res Publica Vol. 20 Issue 4 & Final Reminder for PG Prize

Res Publica, Volume 20 , Issue 4, is now available:

Winner of the PG Essay Prize
Can Culture Justify Infant Circumcision?
Eldar Sarajlic

Is the Expiration of Intellectual Property Rights a Problem for
Non-consequentialist Theories of Intellectual Property?
Jukka Varelius

The Centralized-Use Compromise on Recreational Drug Policy
Jeffrey Glick

Language as a Global Public Good
Isaac Taylor

Democracy and the Right to Exclusion
Ludvig Beckman

The Incompleteness of Ideal Theory
Jörg Schaub

Just Freedom?
Sven Nyholm

Is membership always social?
Desiree Lim

Anstract and full text available on

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Res Publica Postgraduate Essay Prize 2014

Res Publica: A Journal of Moral, Legal and Social Philosophy Postgraduate Essay Prize, 2014

The editors of Res Publica invite submissions for this year’s prize submitted by a current or recent postgraduate student. This may be in any area of moral, legal, social or political philosophy.
Entries should conform to the normal requirements for submissions – please see the Res Publica homepage for details.

Current postgraduate students and those who were awarded their PhD (i.e. passed their viva) no earlier than 1 May 2014 are eligible (the prize winner may be asked to provide proof of their current or recent postgraduate status). read more...

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