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NBiP: Jason Brennan, The Ethics of Voting

Readers of Public Reason might be interested in the New Books in Philosophy interview I conducted with Jason Brennan about his new book, The Ethics of Voting (Princeton UP, 2011).  Follow this link. Cheers,  –Robert Talisse Tweet

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NBiP Interview with Elizabeth Anderson

Public Reasoners might be interested in checking out the interview I conducted with Elizabeth Anderson about her recent book, The Imperative of Integration, for New Books in Philosophy.  Follow this link. Cheers, –Bob Talisse Tweet

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NBiP Interview with Jerry Gaus

Public Reasoners: The holiday caused a slight delay in posting my New Books in Philosophy interview with Jerry Gaus about The Order of Public Reason. It has now been posted here.  Please check it out. Thanks, –Bob Talisse Tweet

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Podcast: New Books in Philosophy

Hello Public Reasoners! I write to announce a new podcast, New Books in Philosophy. Carrie Figdor (U of Iowa) and I co-host the podcast, and each episode features an in-depth interview with an author of a newly-published philosophy book. Interviews … Continue reading

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Democracy and Moral Conflict

A quick interruption to let PRers know that my book Democracy and Moral Conflict (Cambridge University Press)  has just come out. Here are few endorsements from the back cover: ‘Talisse sees profound moral and religious conflict in our political life … Continue reading

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Public Affairs Quarterly: call for submissions

PUBLIC AFFAIRS QUARTERLY CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Public Affairs Quarterly is planning a special issue on “Science and Public Affairs.” We seek submissions on any topic addressing questions of the role of science and technology in public and social policy. Of … Continue reading

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“Getting Duped”

Just a quick distraction from the excellent discussion of David’s book. A short pop piece that I wrote with my friend Yvonne Raley titled “Getting Duped” is about to appear in Scientific American Mind. “Getting Duped” identifies a new fallacy, … Continue reading

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Public Affairs Quarterly

Just a quick note to Public Reasoners: I’ve taken up the editorship of Public Affairs Quarterly. I’m still getting my bearings, and submissions info on the journal webpage needs updating, etc., but I hope you will keep PAQ in mind … Continue reading

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Value Pluralism: “more must mean better”?

I’ve been working on Berlin-style value pluralism lately. I’m particularly concerned with the attempt (made by Galston and Crowder, among others) to derive liberal political commitments from value pluralism. My sense is that value pluralism has no entailments regarding politics. … Continue reading

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