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Public Reason 5 (1) available now online [open access peer-reviewed journal]

coperta1-4 Public Reason 5 (1)-021000We are pleased to announce that Public Reason 5 (1) is now available online at

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

TOC – Public Reason 5 (1):


1. Mikael Dubois

Social Insurance and the Argument from Autonomy

2. Jonathan Grose & Cedric Paternotte

Social Norms: Repeated Interactions, Punishment, and Context Dependence

3. Thomas M. Besch

On Political Legitimacy, Reasonableness, and Perfectionism

4. Shaun P. Young & Triadafilos Triadafilopoulos

Multiculturalism as a Deliberative Ethic

5. Viorel Vizureanu

Some Remarks Concerning the Concept of Glocalization

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New volume: Public Reason 4 (1-2) [open access peer-reviewed journal]

front cover Public Reason 4 (1)-02_1 We are pleased to announce that Public Reason 4 (1-2) is now available online at

Public Reason is an open-access peer-reviewed journal of political and moral philosophy and all articles are available for download as .pdf, .mobi, and .epub. The current volume contains papers presented at the “Global Justice: Norms and Limits” conference (Bucharest, 10-12 May, 2012).


Chong Un Choe
-Just International Normative Structure
Mats Volberg
-Understanding the Global Ethic Project
Jonathan Kuyper
-The Limits of Design for Cosmopolitan Democracy
Elizabeth Kahn
-Global Justice: A Structural Approach
Iván Teimil García
-Challenges for a New Global Order: A Two-Dimensional Approach to Global Justice
Gottfried Schweiger
-Globalizing Recognition: Global Justice and the Dialectic of Recognition
David Alvarez
-Individual Membership in a Global Order: Terms of Respect and Standards of Justification
Uwe Steinhoff
-Why ‘We’ Are Not Harming the Global Poor: A Critique of Pogge’s Leap from State to Individual Responsibility
Valentin Stoian
-Global or National Justice? An Analysis of Pogge’s and Buchanan’s Reply to Rawls’s Law of Peoples
Andrei Poama
-The Globalization of What? Some Neo-Rawlsian Remarks on the Justificatory Limits for Global Criminal Justice
Kostas Koukouzelis
-Sustainable Development, Liberty, and Global Social Justice
Cristian Timmermann & Henk van den Belt
-Global Justice Considerations for a Proposed Climate Impact Fund
Monica ?tef?nescu & Constantin Vic?
-Climate Change, Intellectual Property, and Global Justice
Mihail-Valentin Cernea & Radu Uszkai
-The Clash Between Global Justice and Drug Patents: A Critical Analysis
Vihren Bouzov
-Global Injustice as a Threat to World Security
Cristian Iftode
-Philosophy, Terror, and Biopolitics
Roxana Marin
-A Singerian Reading of the Global Strategies to Eradicate Famine in Africa (2005-2010)
Yusuf Yuksekdag
-Moral Cosmopolitanism and the Right to Immigration

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Call for photos – Exhibition during the conference Global Justice (Bucharest, 10 – 12 May, 2012)

The Faculty of Philosophy (University of Bucharest) hosts a photo exhibition during the conference Global Justice: Norms and Limits (Bucharest, 10 – 12 May, 2012). The exhibition is meant to illustrate from different points of view issues related to human rights violations, military interventions, environmental degradation, military interventions, economic exploitation, terrorist and piracy attacks etc.

Please send your proposals to until 1st of May 2012. We welcome all suggestions (such as links to photos available under a Creative Commons license). If you know anyone interested, please pass it along.  Thank you! read more...

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Special Issue – Public Reason 3 (2): Public Services on the Market

We are pleased to announce you that a special issue of Public Reason, entitled ‘Public Services on the Market’ and edited by Rutger Claassen, is now available online at

All articles are available for download as .pdf, .mobi, and .epub.


Public Services on the Market: Issues and Arguments
Rutger Claassen (Leiden University)

Three Normative Models of the Welfare State
Joseph Heath (University of Toronto)

The State and the Market – A Parable: On the State’s Commodifying Effects
Tsilly Dagan (Bar Ilan University)
Talia Fisher (Tel Aviv University)

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New issue: Public Reason 3 (1) – open access peer-reviewed journal

We are pleased to announce that Public Reason 3 (1) is now available online at


– The Mutual Dependence of Institutions and Citizens’ Dispositions in Liberal Democracies

Jeremy Neil (Houston Baptist University)

– Legalizing Selective Conscientious Objection

George Clifford

– The Extension and Limits of the Duty to Rescue

Per Bauhn (Linnaeus University)

– Moral Judgments, Emotions, and some Expectations from Moral Motivation

Mar Cabezas (University of Salamanca)

– Ontology and the Paradox of Future Generations

Dennis Earl (Coastal Carolina University)

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CONF & CFP: Global Justice: Norms and Limits (Bucharest, 10 – 12 May, 2012)

Global Justice: Norms and Limits
Bucharest, 10 – 12 May, 2012
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest 

Keynote and guest speakers include: Thomas Pogge (Yale), David Miller
(Oxford), Hillel Steiner (Manchester), Véronique Zanetti (Bilefield),
Sebastiano Maffettone (Roma), Paula Casal (Barcelona), Andreas Føllesdal
(Oslo), and Lea Ypi (Oxford).

Worldwide suffering caused by large-scale famine as well as poverty, human
rights violations, military interventions or environmental degradation have
a global dimension, because those responsible are not only individuals, but
also states and international institutions. Recently, what some have
perceived as global injustices related to military interventions and
economic exploitation seem to motivate terrorist and piracy attacks that
cause indiscriminate suffering. Having gained an unprecedented urgency, the
topic of global justice has received increasingly public and academic
attention, and has lately become a central issue in moral and political
philosophy. Our conference seeks to be a forum for discussing the most
important theories of global justice, their central concepts and
constraints.

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