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Call for Papers: 11th Annual Princeton University Graduate Conference in Political Theory

The 11th Annual Princeton University Graduate Conference in Political Theory will be held from April 13-14, 2018.

The Conference offers graduate students a unique opportunity to present and receive feedback on works in progress. Each session focuses exclusively on one paper. After receiving feedback from a Princeton graduate student discussant, each author engages in an extensive question and answer period with Princeton faculty, students, and guests.

We are delighted to announce that Professor Amy Allen of Pennsylvania State University will deliver the 2018 keynote address.

Submission Information

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CfA: Summer School GREYZONE Edinburgh June 2018

Call for Applications – Summer School

Navigating the Grey Zone: Complicity, Resistance and Solidarity

University of Edinburgh, 25-27 June 2018

In June 2018 the University of Edinburgh is hosting an interdisciplinary Summer School entitled “Navigating the Grey Zone: Complicity, Resistance and Solidarity.” As conceptualized here, the grey zone is not identical with Primo Levi’s notion. While it encompasses Levi’s account, we aim to build a wider typology of those who remain silent and turn their eyes away from violations, who indirectly benefit from injustice, and who make abuses possible without necessarily acting as co-principal wrongdoers. This event targets PhD students and early career researchers (within 4 years of obtaining their doctorate). We will explore the complexities of complicity in and resistance to systemic human rights violations. Moreover, we will consider the ethical and political value of art for shedding light on the ambiguous reality of political responsibility and fostering relations of political solidarity. The Summer School is part of the interdisciplinary ERC research Project GREYZONE, and we aim to bring together perspectives from political theory, political science, law, history, sociology, cultural studies, aesthetics and art. The main goal is to give participants the opportunity to interact across disciplinary boundaries with several international experts and to receive critical feedback on their own projects. The Summer School will involve extended scholarly discussions as well as social activities, allowing the participants to exchange ideas and initiate academic collaborations in a friendly environment. Participants will include a diverse mix of senior and junior scholars, PhD students and artists, who will work together on problematising the many faces of complicity, resistance and solidarity.

List of Confirmed Speakers:

  • Danielle Celermajer, Sociology, University of Sydney
  • Vikki Bell, Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Margaret Atack, French, University of Leeds
  • Paul Gready, Centre for Applied Human Rights, University of York
  • Bronwyn Leebaw, Political Science, University of California
  • Cynthia Milton, History, University of Montreal

The programme will feature morning lectures by expert speakers, followed by presentations from participants in the afternoon. Our speakers will attend and comment on the afternoon presentations. To facilitate productive discussions, all participants are expected to read the assigned readings for each morning session and to share their papers at least one week before the Summer School starts.

We invite papers that examine the following issues:

  • Conceptualisations of complicity, resistance and solidarity in relation to systemic political violence;
  • The grey zone as a challenge to political memory, identity, and history;
  • The epistemic, moral and political value of artistic engagements with painful pasts;
  • Broader theoretical and practical challenges raised by the complexities of complicity, including issues of moral, political and legal judgement and agency, guilt and responsibility, forgiveness and revenge, justice and reconciliation;
  • The relationship between state-sponsored and artistic engagements with the grey zones of complicity and resistance;
  • The value and effects of artworks on public debates about/institutional responses to past violence;
  • Ethical and political dilemmas regarding the status of truth, the possibility of representation and the value of testimony in relation to the grey zones of political violence.

We encourage applications from various disciplinary backgrounds, including philosophy, political, social and legal theory, history, political science, cultural studies and aesthetics. We welcome contributions from normative, historical, conceptual, case-based and comparative perspectives.

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CfA: 35th Annual International Social Philosophy Conference

Thirty-Fifth International Social Philosophy Conference

Sponsored by the North American Society for Social Philosophy with the Department of Philosophy, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan.

July 18-20, 2018

Proposals in all areas of social philosophy are welcome, but special attention will be devoted to the conference theme: Health, Well-being, and Society.

Some possible paper topics include the following:

Public goods and citizen well-being
Civil obligation and social welfare
Holding elected officials accountable
Duties of Citizenship
The ethics of healthy living
Violence, society, and well-being
Education and societal flourishing
Inclusion versus marginalization
Health and marginalized communities
Free-markets and the common good
Defining health
Public institutions and well-being
The status of community in an age of political division
Entertainment, sport, and well-being.
Religious belief as a source of societal flourishing or disruption
The macro and micro dimensions of societal flourishing
Public Health and the Public Good
Food, Water, and Human Rights
Resource allocation
Immunization and social responsibility
Global health justice
Ableism and Public Health
Disability, accommodation, and the basic structure
Health, well-being and urban justice
Distributive Justice and Public Health
The social dimensions of well-being
Bias in Health
Defining well-being
Health and Capabilities
Capabilities Well-being
Biopolitics and Biopower
Harm Reduction and Philosophy

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Postdoc position on the legitimacy of international courts

1-2 2-year Postdoctoral Fellowships in Political Philosophy or Legal Theory on the legitimacy of International Courts and Tribunals, available at  PluriCourts, a research centre at the University of Oslo. Deadline November 1 2017. More information.

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Resisting Borders

Dear Colleagues,

Registration is now open to a conference on one of the most interesting topics in one of the most innovative formats:

Resisting Borders – A Virtual on Conference on Refugee & Migrant Health, Mobility, Human Rights & Responsibilities (October 9-11, 2017)

For detailed program and registration information, please visit

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Workshop: the legitimacy of international courts and tribunals

PluriCourts invites papers to a workshop on the political and legal theory of  international courts and tribunals, to take place in Oslo June 18-19, 2018.

PluriCourts is a multidisciplinary centre for the Study of the Legitimate Roles of the Judiciary in the Global Order, at the University of Oslo.

We welcome papers that address one or more such IC, on such themes as:

  • The appropriate legitimacy standards for ICs from the perspectives of
    history of ideas and/or contemporary legal and political theory, such as human rights, transparency, or rule of law
  • Specialization and fragmentation in ICs
  • ICs and the international rule of law
  • Independence and accountability of ICs
  •

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