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Changes to Public Reason

Public Reason has undergone a facelift! We’re always looking for ways to make Public Reason better, and gradual changes have been introduced over time – such as features to allow sharing of posts via social networking sites. However, some features of the old-look site were not working as well as they should, and usability needed to be improved. Changes to improve the user experience have been rolled in with with a redesign. Hopefully, the changes will make reading and contributing to the blog a more pleasant experience. It’s impossible to check that the site works perfectly on every browser and operating system out there, so if you notice any problems please do get in touch via admin at read more...

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Public Reason Graduate Tech Assistant(s)

I’m looking for one or two graduate students to take over the technical nuts and bolts administration of the website, i.e., sign up new members, keep the site WordPress and theme up-to-date, fix broken links, keep a lookout for new plugins and capabilities that we could incorporate into the website, and the like. Such a person or persons should have the following qualities:

  • Relatively advanced technical competence regarding WordPress, blogging, the ability to write/fix code, etc.
  • Commitment to academic political philosophy/theory.
  • General togetherness, punctuality, reliability, etc.

There is little prospect of any meaningful remuneration, but it should provide the opportunity to become more involved in the political philosophy community and play an important role in interesting new initiatives. Since the website is international, you needn’t be located in the US. I’d be especially interested if some graduate students located at a single institution were to work together to keep things ticking along smoothly, although it shouldn’t be an onerous responsibility for a single person. read more...

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Membership Updates

A quick housekeeping post: We now have about 650 registered users around the world. Most of these are registered as members, but quite a few are participants. (The former can publish new posts whereas the latter can comment only.) My sense is that it is perhaps inadvisable, as a general rule, for graduate students in the early stages of their studies to post to the front page, but this does not hold for advanced graduate students who have submitted or substantially completed their dissertations, or who have built up a record of publication. The same point applies, a fortiori, to people now working and publishing as academics without Ph.D.s. If you’re (now) in the either of these latter categories and would like to have your status updated, please send me an email at simonmay at vt dot edu (with some sort of verification so I know you’re not flogging junk). Also, members please let me know if your affiliation has changed and I’ll update the Membership page. New members may have noticed I’m no longer adding their books to the Amazon link list in the left hand column, since it has got quite long. I’m keen on making some changes to how the site is organised in the not-too-distant future, so feel free to use this thread as a suggestion box (with the proviso that utopian suggestions must be kept realistic). read more...

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Public Reason on Facebook

I recently created a facebook group for Public Reason, although not for any particular purpose. I may put stuff up there from time to time, and anyone else is welcome to do so too.

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We’re busy finalising the details for the podcast symposium, which will start next week, for those who have inquired. We’re just sorting out the last couple of people to comment on papers. We’ve got a great bunch of papers coming which you’ll be able to access both on the site and via an iTunes subscription.

We’ll also be holding an Estlund-style reading group on Corey Brettschneider’s Democratic Rights starting in a couple of weeks. More on that in due course. If you’d like to organise a reading group on a book of general interest in political theory/philosophy in 2009, please do not wait for an invitation. read more...

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Reading Group Suggestions

I wanted to put up a post where people could make suggestions for further reading groups, after the conclusion of the marvelous “Democratic Authority” discussion we’ve had. If there are many suggestions, I’ll put up a poll to see which are the most popular and likely to attract broad participation. Also, if there is a lot of interest in two quite different books, then nothing stops people from organising those groups separately.

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