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Things to do in 2008

I thought I would put up a housekeeping thread to elicit some discussion from members and participants about what you like on the site and what else you would like to see.First some basic stats: we have ninety-nine members registered, including academics from thirteen different countries, along with a couple of dozen student participants who have signed up over the last month or so. This makes us, as philosophy blogs go, very large. I’d like to build on that strength over the course of this year. We’ve had over 40 000 page views and average somewhere under three hundred a day, which I think is fairly respectable. There’s no reason why those numbers can’t steadily improve.I’d like to get people’s creative suggestions about a few things: (i) how do we best develop and diversify the kinds of items people post?; (ii) what would be the best way to increase the frequency of substantive posts on different topics?; and (iii) what would be the best way to elicit fuller and more diverse discussion in the comment threads? (One serious question concerns the fact that about 98.5% of the comments so far have come from men.)

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New Participant Registration System

[Update: I’ve added a checkbox on the registration page for academics who would like to join the site as members.]

For security reasons (in particular the glaring ease with which one could post under someone else’s name), I’ve switched the comments settings such that people must now be registered and logged in to comment. As a consequence, I’ve set out two different kinds of user status: participant and member.

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Contact Form

I’ve removed the contact form on the About page as it has proved to be too unreliable. If you have tried to use the contact form and have not heard back from me, I did not receive your submission. Please email me with your details either at admin at publicreason dot net or to simonmay at vt dot edu. Sorry for the hassle.

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We’ve been noticed

We’ve been noticed. See Leiter.

Also the Garden. And, of course, Levy and Brooks. And, as Simon notes, Solum.

And now Al’s notepad , Dinner Table Donts, and Balkinization.

We’ve also been added to several other Blogrolls. Pretty good, I think.

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Welcome to Public Reason

Public Reason is a new group blog for political philosophers and theorists. The purpose of the blog is to create an informal but professional online venue where members of the academic political philosophy and theory community can discuss their work. Academic blogging has undergone a remarkable growth lately. A number of group blogs have been created by philosophers and political scientists, but none is specifically dedicated to political philosophy or theory. Public Reason aims to remedy that deficit. Contributors to the blog will have the ability to post a number of items:

  • Literature discussions. If you have something to say about a recent article in journals such as Ethics or the Journal of Political Philosophy, you can link to the article and post a discussion of it on the blog.
  • Reading groups. Work through a book chapter by chapter with colleagues.
  • Working papers. Upload or link to working papers you would like to receive feedback on.
  • Conference announcements. Post information about forthcoming conferences or calls for papers.
  • Teaching discussions. Unsure about how to best explain sovereign authority in Hobbes’s Leviathan or the constraints of deliberative democracy to students? Post ideas about conveying theoretical concepts in the classroom.
  • Podcasts. If you are giving a talk or just want to read a paper for colleagues to listen to on their iPods over lunch, record an mp3 file, upload it here, and subscribe to Public Reason podcasts via iTunes.
  • General issues. Raise an issue of academic interest not sufficiently addressed in any literature you can find.

Professional academic political philosophers and theorists, and postdoctoral fellows, should fill out the contact form on the About page. At the moment, completion of graduate studies is required. Membership is free and there are no limits on the number of items one may post. read more...

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