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Keele University Considers Closing Philosophy Dept.

Keele University is considering closing its philosophy department. Anyone concerned should join this facebook group for more details on how they can help fight it.  Alumni and others concerned by this are encouraged to write emails to this address:

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Political Essays

Here are two questions that strike me as worth thinking about. Say you wanted to teach a liberal arts-style freshman seminar that introduced students to the idea of reflecting on politics and society, but you didn’t want to turn it … Continue reading

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Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and Political Philosophy

Speaking of non-ideal theory (or ideal theory in less than ideal contexts)… I am curious to hear whether my fellow public reasoners believe that the recent US Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance should have any impact on our work … Continue reading

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A Thought on the Ideal and Non-Ideal Theory Distinction

Many of you have probably seen Simmons’ article just out in PPA on ideal and non-ideal theory. Simmons defends Rawls’ account of the ideal/non-ideal theory distinction and his paper is a must read. That said, I have been ruminating over … Continue reading

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The Burqa in France

According to the BBC, in the latest twist in l’affaire du foulard/voile, a French parliamentary committee has recommended a ban on women wearing Islamic face veils in public [Correction: the proposal applies to public facilities, such as hospitals and mass transit, … Continue reading

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Query: Should the US defend Google?

So, another query: Should the US defend Google?  Why or why not?US to protest formally to China over Google ‘attacks’

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