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Call for papers

Workshop: “Sovereignty of the Market, or Sovereignty over the Market?”

23-25 January 2013 in Leiden (The Netherlands)

Deadline abstracts (300 words): October 1st, 2012.

This interdisciplinary workshop explores the hypothesis that the financial breakdown and the Euro-crisis raise a question of political legitimacy. The dependence of states on market actors, as well as supra- national regimes, challenges the idea of state sovereignty, which is central to theories of political legitimacy and authority. Perhaps regulatory regimes are not so much instruments of state intervention in the economy, but part of a political-economic constellation of power. Here, the question of political legitimacy – articulated most vocally by the “Occupy” movement – arises with respect to the political order as such. We do not just need to think about the intervention of the state in the economy, but we need to rethink the relation between state and economy at the most fundamental level. This workshop focuses on three core issues: 1) What is the nature of the interrelation between state and economy? How should the state-economy nexus be conceptualized? 2) What challenges does the paradox of regulation pose to some of the most fundamental concepts of political theory: i.e. those of sovereignty, legitimacy, and authority? 3) What are the institutional implications of the paradox of regulation? How should democracy be reconceived in relation to pressures from the economy? What forms of political agency are available? And how can state regulation of markets be legitimate? Philosophers, political scientists, legal scholars, and others working in a relevant field are invited to submit a 300 word abstract before October 1st to one of the email adresses below. For a longer description of this workshop click here. read more...

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The Lottery as a Democratic Institution

As you may know, I am organizing a workshop at Trinity College Dublin on “The Lottery as a Democratic Institution.” This workshop will be co-organized by Gil Delannoi (Sciences Po) and Oliver Dowlen. The workshop will be held on October 11-12, 2012. Details about the workshop can be found at Please consider attending, and spread the word about the event. Should you have any questions about it, please let me know.

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Motivation and Global Justice Workshop

 Motivation and Global Justice Workshop

22-23 June 2011

University of York

On 22-23 June, the Political Philosophy group at the University of York will host a workshop on ‘Motivation and Global Justice’.

The aim of the workshop is to consider the persistent gap between the demands generated by our best theoretical accounts of global justice and the action in support of global justice that real world agents are motivated to take; and to advance normative research on global justice that is sensitive to, and informed by, empirical questions.

Confirmed speakers:

Carol Gould (CUNY) ‘Does Global Justice Presuppose Global Solidarity?’ read more...

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Extended Deadline – Summer University on Justice: Theory and its Applications


July 4-15, 2011 Budapest, Hungary;

  • Peter Vallentyne, University of Missouri-Columbia, Department ofPhilosophy, Columbia, USA;
  • Andrew Williams, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Catalan Institute of Researchand Advanced Studies, Barcelona, Spain;
  • Matthew Clayton, University of Warwick, Department of Politics and International Studies, Coventry, UK;
  • Greg Bognar, New York University, NYU Center for Bioethics, NewYork, USA;
  • Janos Kis, Central European University, Department of Political Science, Budapest, Hungary;
  • Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Aarhus Universitat, Institut for Statskundskab, Århus C, Denmark;

Course Directors:

  • Andres Moles, Central European University, Departments of Political Science and Philosophy, Budapest, Hungary.
  • Zoltan Miklosi, Central European University, Department of Political Science, Budapest, Hungary

The problem of justice occupies a special place in contemporary political philosophy. In the words of its most influential figure, Rawls, “justice is the first virtue of social institutions”. That view seems to be shared by a majority of authors and theories. However, there is no comparable agreement regarding what justice demands, from whom and to whom. These questions have utmost relevance for political philosophers. However, their importance spills over to other disciplines. Given that many choices policy makers make are distributive in nature, it is not surprising that issues of justice appear in many other spheres. In addition to dealing with purely theoretical issues, the course will revise some contexts which raise important questions about justice: education, healthcare, environmental issues, taxation. Applications are invited from graduate students, postdocs, young faculty in Philosophy, Political Science, Public Policy, Law and Economics, familiar with Anglo-American political theory, especially with theories of justice. read more...

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Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute

Penn State: 25 July-1 August 2010 | Applications by 10 March (grad) or 15 April (undergrad)

Via Eva Kittay:

The Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute (PIKSI) is designed to encourage undergraduate students from underrepresented groups to consider future study in the field of philosophy. PIKSI, held 25 July to 1 August, emphasizes both traditional and nontraditional philosophical scholarship, such as feminist philosophy, critical race theory, and disability studies. All undergraduate student participants are fully funded by PIKSI.

PIKSI is a project of the Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory (FEAST) and is supported the Rock Ethics Institute and the College of the Liberal Arts at Penn State, as well as a number of graduate programs which have funded their graduate students to serve as Graduate Student Assistant. read more...

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NEH Summer Seminar: Liberal Democracy and the Global Order

Washington University St. Louis 1-25 June 2010 | Apply by 2 March 2010

Andrew Altman and Kit Wellman will be running a four-week National Endowment for the Humanities Seminar on Philosophical Perspectives on Liberal Democracy and the Global Order from 1-25 June 2010.

Sixteen participants (fourteen faculty and two graduate students) will be chosen from among eligible applicants interested in liberalism, democracy and international justice. The seminar will feature appearances by Arthur Applbaum (Harvard), David Estlund (Brown), Debra Satz (Stanford), and Thomas Pogge (Yale), who will discuss their recently-published work and/or work-in-progress. Ample time will be allowed for participants to pursue individual projects on Seminar-related topics. read more...

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