Blogs and Such

3 Quarks Daily
Balkinization (Law)
Bleeding Heart Libertarians
Boston Review
Brains (Philosophy of Mind Group Blog)
The Brooks Blog (Thom Brooks)
Certain Doubts (Epistemology Group Blog)
Creative Capitalism
Crooked Timber
Daily Nous
Engage: Conversations in Philosophy
Engage Philosophy Podcasts (Oregon State)
Epistemic Value (Epistemology Group Blog)
Equality by Lot
Ethics Bites Podcasts
Ethics, Etc. (Ethics Group Blog)
Experimental Philosophy
Feminist Law Professors
Feminist Philosophers
Flickers of Freedom (Philosophy of Action)
Fragile Politics (Ami Bar On)
The Garden of Forking Paths (Philosophy of Action)
Gender, Race and Philosophy: The Blog
Gone Public (Noelle McAfee)
Hobbes Today (Sharon Lloyd)
The Immanent Frame
In Search of Enlightenment (Colin Farrelly)
In Socrates’s Wake
It’s Only a Theory (Philosophy of Science Group Blog)
Jacob T. Levy
Janus Blog (Virtue Theory Group Blog)
Knowledge and Experience
Law and Letters
Lawyers, Guns and Money
Legal Theory Blog (Larry Solum)
Lemmings (Brit Brogaard)
Logic for Politics (David Braybrooke)
Long Words Bother Me (Carrie Jenkins)
The Monkey Cage
New APPS: Art, Politics, Philosophy, and Science
New Books in Philosophy (Carrie Figdor and Robert Talisse)
New Left Project
Noticias de ética y filosofía política (Iñigo Gonzalez Ricoy)
Obsidian Wings
Open Minded Ethics
Opinio Juris (International Law and Politics)
PEA Soup (Ethics Group Blog)
Philosophers Anonymous
Philosophers’ Carnival
Philosophical Weblogs
Philosophy Conferences and Calls for Papers
Philosophy Conferences Worldwide
Philosophy, et cetera (Richard Chappell)
Philosophy Journal Wiki
Philosophy Papers Online
Philosophy Smoker
Philosophy Talk
Philosophy TV
Philosophy Updates
Planet Philosophy
Politics, Theory & Photography (Jim Johnson)
Practical Ethics
Praesidium (Ben Saunders)
Princeton University Press Blog
Prosblogion (Philosophy of Religion)
Public Ethics Radio
Public Reason on Facebook
The Splintered Mind (Eric Schwitzgebel)
Symposia on Gender, Race, and Philosophy
Think Tonk (Clayton Littlejohn)
Thoughts, Arguments and Rants
Uncommon Priors (Paul Gowder)
University of Chicago Law Faculty Blog
Virtual Philosopher (Nigel Warburton)
The Virtual Stoa (Chris Brooke)
What is It Like to be a Woman in Philosophy?
Why? Public Radio
Women in Philosophy Wiki

Academic Websites and Resources

Brown Electronic Article Review Service (BEARS)
Brown University Political Philosophy Workshop
Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (Australia)
Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (St. Andrews)
Centre for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism (Copenhagen)
Centre for the Study of Social Justice (Oxford)
Chaire Hoover d’éthique économique et sociale (Université catholique de Louvain)
Citizenship, Democracy, and Ethnocultural Diversity Newsletter (Queens)
DicoPo: Dictionnaire de théorie politique
Edward J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics (Harvard)
Episteme Links
Equality Exchange
Ethics Updates
Harvard University Political Theory Colloquium
Havens Center (Wisconsin) (iTunes)
Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy (Maryland)
International Political Theory
Intute: Web Resources for Education and Research
Just War Theory
Manchester Centre for Political Theory (Working Papers)
Montreal Political Theory Workshop
Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture
NYU Colloquium in Legal, Political and Social Philosophy
Oxford Centre for Ethics and the Philosophy of Law
Philos-L Listserv
Philosop Listserv
Phimopo (une liste de philosophie morale et politique)
Philadelphia Political Theory Workshop
Princeton University Political Philosophy Colloquium
Program on Global Justice (Stanford)
Social Philosophy and Policy Center (Bowling Green)
Stanford Center on Ethics
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Stanford University Political Theory Workshop
UCLA Political Theory Workshop
University Center for Human Values (Princeton)
University of Chicago Political Theory Workshop
University of Virginia Political Theory Colloquium
Yale University Institution for Social and Policy Studies Political Theory Workshop
Young Philosophers Lecture Series and Podcast (SUNY Fredonia)

Professional Organisations

American Philosophical Association
American Political Science Association
American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy
Aristotelian Society
Association of Feminist Ethics and Social Theory (FEAST)
Association for Legal and Social Philosophy
Association for Political Theory (USA)
Association for Political Thought (Britain and Ireland)
Australasian Association of Philosophy
Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics
British Philosophical Association
British Society for Ethical Theory
Canadian Philosophical Association
International Society for Utilitarian Studies
Society for Analytic Feminism
Society for Applied Philosophy
Society for Women in Philosophy

Academic Journals

American Political Science Review
Australasian Journal of Philosophy
British Journal for the History of Philosophy
Canadian Journal of Philosophy
Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice
Ethics and International Affairs
History of Philosophy Quarterly
History of Political Thought
Human Rights Quarterly
Journal of Applied Philosophy
Journal of Ethics
Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy
Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy Symposia and Discussion Notes
Journal of Genocide Research
Journal of Human Rights
Journal of Moral Philosophy
Journal of Philosophy
Journal of Political Philosophy
Journal of Politics
Journal of Public Deliberation
Journal of Social Philosophy
Journal of the History of Ideas
Journal of the History of Philosophy
Journal of Value Inquiry
Law and Philosophy
Legal Theory
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly
Philosophers’ Imprint
Philosophical Papers
Philosophical Quarterly
Philosophical Review
Philosophical Studies
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
Philosophy and Public Affairs
Philosophy and Social Criticism
Political Studies
Political Theory
Politics, Philosophy and Economics
Public Affairs Quarterly
Ratio Juris
Res Publica
Review of Politics
Social Philosophy and Policy
Social Theory and Practice