Final call for papers: Deliberation after consensus – Democracy, epistemic quality and public discourse

Workshop, Paris, 20-21 November 2014.

Keynote speakers: Simone Chambers and Jürg Steiner.

We invite paper proposals on four topics:

1. What is the role of consensus in deliberative democratic theory?
2. How does agreement affect the quality of subsequent deliberation?
3. How to measure deliberative rationality and epistemic quality?
4. What is the relationship between expert discourse, democratic deliberation and epistemic quality in political processes?

Paper proposal deadline: September 1, 2014.

Where required, we’ll cover travel and accommodation expenses for paper givers.

Further info is to be found here:


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Review Symposium: Elizabeth Anderson’s Imperative of Integration

Those who study issues of race and the practice of non-ideal theory may be interested in the following review symposium, published in the most recent issue of Political Studies Review:

  • “Integration, Desegregation, and the Work of the Past,” Lawrie Balfour
  • “Would We Know ‘Integration’ If We Were to See It? Measurement and The Imperative of Integration,” Cara Wong
  • “The Imperative of Non-ideal Theory,” Jack Knight
  • “Ideal and Non-ideal Theory in Elizabeth Anderson’s Imperative of Integration,” Benjamin Hertzberg
  • “Reply to Critics,” Elizabeth Anderson


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New statement by philosophers and political theorists calls for boycott of Israel

Back the Boycott is an initiative by academics and graduate students in philosophy and political theory who wish to express solidarity with Palestinians against Israeli aggression and occupation by means of a boycott of Israel. Those interested in signing the statement can do so here:

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Online Forum on Climate Change

Policy makers have recently begun to acknowledge the disproportionate impacts of climate change on women and disadvantaged communities, but feminist analyses of the complex epistemic and political dimensions of climate change, as well as its causes and effects, are urgently needed. Hypatia recently published a special issue on Climate Change that initiates a necessary conversation that will deepen our understanding and help identify promising opportunities for positive change. Feminist philosophers Chris Cuomo (author of Feminism and Ecological Communities: An Ethic of Flourishing) and Nancy Tuana (author of Feminism and Science) have invited scholars and activists working at the forefront of feminist climate justice to share their perspectives.


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Latest Edition of Res Publica available online

Latest Edition of Res Publica now available online:

Res Publica
Volume 20, Issue 3, August 2014

The Problem of Historical Rectification for Rawlsian Theory
Juan Espindola, Moises Vaca

Don’t Count on Taurek: Vindicating the Case for the Numbers Counting
Yishai Cohen

The Tractatus Theologico-Politicus and the Received View of Spinoza on Democracy
Wouter F. Kalf

Voting in Bad Faith
Joanne C. Lau

Samaritanism and Civil Disobedience
Candice Delmas

Why We Shouldn’t Reject Conflicts: A Critique of Tadros
Uwe Steinhoff

Book Review

The Normativity of What We Care About
Katrien Schaubroeck
Reviewed by Bob Brecher


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55 Max Weber Post doctoral Fellowships Available at the EUI

Applications are now open for the Max Weber Programme at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy. Amongst the largest, most prestigious and successful post doctoral programmes in the historical and social sciences, and located in one of the most beautiful settings, with truly outstanding research facilities, we offer from 50-55 fully funded 1 and 2 year post doctoral fellowships to applicants from anywhere in the world in the fields of economics, history, social and political sciences and law. All areas and types of research within these fields are considered, including all forms of legal, social, economic, historical  and political thought  - both past and present. Last year 98% of Fellows found an academic position on completing the Fellowship. To find out more about the programme and how to apply, go to:
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