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Call for Papers 

Seventh Braga Meeting on Ethics and Political Philosophy (BMEPP VII)

Political Theory Group, University of Minho (Braga), 

June 15-16, 2016

Venue: University of Minho, Campus de Gualtar, Braga (Portugal)

Organisers: Daniele Santoro, João Ribeiro Mendes

We welcome paper proposals for the Seventh Meeting on Ethics and Political Philosophy, which will be held at University of Minho, Braga (Portugal), on June 15-16, 2016.
The Braga meetings have established a reputation in the past six years for providing an excellent opportunity to present both advanced and exploratory work in front of an open and welcoming audience. Graduate students, junior researchers and senior scholars are welcome to submit their work.


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Ten Fully Funded PhD Scholarships in Politics/IR at Edinburgh

Up to 10 fully funded PhD scholarships in Politics & International Relations, Edinburgh

Applicants interested in work in political theory/political philosophy are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Political Theory group at Edinburgh is a large and diverse comunity of academics, post-doctoral fellows, and PhD students. We hold weekly research seminars and regular conferences and workshops. We host the Just World Institute which, in addition to research activities, has a flourishing programme of public engagement events: http://www.sps.ed.ac.uk/jwi

More information on doing a Political Theory PhD in Edinburgh can be found here: http://politicaltheory.sps.ed.ac.uk/


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Symposium on Rationalism, Pluralism, and Freedom at Bleeding Heart Libertarians

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Call for Papers: Normative Perspectives on High-Skilled Labour Immigration

Call for Papers: Normative Perspectives on High-Skilled Labour Immigration   June 6th 2016, Goethe University Frankfurt   Confirmed speakers: Christian Barry (ANU) and David Owen (University of Southampton) Convenors: Eszter Kollar (Goethe University Frankfurt) and Patti Tamara Lenard (University of Ottawa)   Jointly organized by the Normative Orders Excellence Cluster, Goethe University Frankfurt and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa   Political theory has considered the moral challenges posed by labour migration, as though all labour migrants present the same kinds of moral quandaries. But, this is a mistake. Whereas low-skilled labour migration is considered to be a benefit to the migrants, who gain opportunities in robust labour markets high-skilled migration is perceived to be a benefit to the receiving societies and subject to a global competition for talents. As result, whereas low-skilled migrants are admitted on temporary contracts, and subject to significant rights-restrictions, participants in high-skilled labour migration programs are subject to targeted recruitment and wooed by states with easy access to citizenship. Yet, high-skilled labour migration programs generate a range of specific normative challenges at the domestic and the international levels, and we aim to consider these in this workshop.


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The (un)certainty of US drone strikes

One topic that President Obama did not discuss during his SOTU address was his use of drone strikes in the so-called “War on Terror.” Perhaps this is not surprising as the President and the CIA have permitted drone strikes to occur under an unknown set of rules, supported with an unknown set of reasons. But as an academic who works in epistemology, I find the level of uncertainty here reckless, and as a citizen, I find it terrifying.

Read more here: http://www.loyno.edu/~rbrice/research_nearcertainty.htm

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Las Torres de Lucca no. 7

Las Torres de Lucca, Revista Internacional de Filosofía Política has just published its issue no. 7 (online & open access to full articles)


Introducción al dossier

Violencias Ana María Martínez de la Escalera PDF 9-20


Soberanía, crueldad y biopolítica. Apuntes sobre el caso Ayotzinapa Natalia Elizabeth Talavera Baby PDF 23-48 Tres síntomas de la sensibilidad social contemporánea en México Armando Villegas Contreras, Erika Rebeca Lindig Cisneros PDF 49-69 La imagen del desecho. Hacia un análisis de la estética del cadáver, el desaparecido y el cuerpo como basura Roberto Carlos Monroy Álvarez, Laksmi Adyani de Mora Martínez PDF 71-109 Género epidíctico y memoria pública de la última dictadura militar en Argentina María Alejandra Vitale PDF 111-129


Lo superficial y lo profundo. Max Weber, Leo Strauss y la índole práctica de la filosofía política.


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