Reminder—Call for Applications: Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshop

2015 GISME Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshop

Call for applications: The Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics (GISME), located in Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, invites applications for the 2015 Junior Faculty Manuscript Workshop. The aim of the workshop is to provide critical feedback to junior scholars (i.e., junior faculty members, postdocs, or non-tenure-track professors) who are working on book-length manuscripts that address important normative issues related to the functioning of contemporary market societies. A limited number of applicants will be invited to Washington in the Spring 2016 semester for a day-long workshop devoted to their manuscript and will work with GISME to identify 2-4 senior scholars to act as discussants.


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Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy #4

Via David Sobel at PEA Soup:

This is the final reminder about the December 1 submission deadline.

We are pleased to announce that the Fourth Annual Workshop for Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy will take place on June 1-3, 2016 at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain.

There will be nine papers at this year’s conference, including four invited papers by the following people:

  • Alex Voorhoeve (London School of Economics),
  • Ralf Bader (Oxford),
  • Adam Swift (Warwick) and Zofia Stemplowska (Oxford),
  • Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (Aarhus University)

We are issuing a call for papers to fill the remaining five conference slots. Submitted papers should be between 7,500 and 12,000 words including footnotes, should be totally anonymized, and are due by December 1. (The workshop is being held three months earlier than usual, and hence the deadline is three months earlier.) Accepted papers for the conference will receive serious consideration for inclusion in the resulting Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy volume.


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Call for papers: Constitutionalism Under Extreme Conditions

in collaboration with
under the auspices of
invite submissions for
Symposium on Constitutionalism under Extreme Conditions
University of Haifa
Haifa, Israel
Monday, 18 July 2016

The Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions at the University of Haifa and Boston College Law School invite submissions for a full-day international Symposium on Constitutionalism Under Extreme Conditions, to be held in Haifa, Israel at the Faculty of Law, University of Haifa on Monday, 18 July 2016, under the auspices of The Israeli Association of Public Law (IAPL).
The Keynote speech at this event will be delivered by Justice Dorit Beinisch, President of the Supreme Court of Israel (ret.) and President of the IAPL.
This Symposium is convened by Prof. Richard Albert (Boston College) and Dr. Yaniv Roznai (Minerva Center for RLuEC).


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Call for Papers – Global Constitutionalism without Global Democracy, Florence EUI, January 14-15, 2016

International law is undergoing several profound transformations. New sectors develop as with the consolidation of the regime of Investment Arbitration or with the advancement of already existing areas as with the WTO. At the same time, claims about the “judicialization” of international law and processes of “global constitution” call for more precise definitions of terms such as
‘constitutionalism’, ‘constitution’ and ‘constitutionalisation’.

The starting assumption of the workshop is that domestic and global constitutionalism have in common several structural features but not that of democracy and legitimacy. Should global constitutionalism incorporate mechanisms and standards of democratic rule? If so how?


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Political Thought Conference 2016: St Catherine’s College, Oxford

Political Thought Conference

St Catherine’s College, Oxford, January 7-9 2016.

Pre-registration is now open at is

Association of Political Thought Lecture: Sam Scheffler NYU

Plenary Speakers: Chiara Cordelli, Univ of Chicago; Rainer Forst, Frankfurt; Humeira Iqtidar KCL; Melissa Lane, Princeton; Lois McNay, Oxford; David Runciman, Cambridge.

Roundtable on Migration: David Miller, Oxford; Sarah Fine, KCL; Chandran Kukathas, LSE; David Owen, Southampton

Professional Session: Political theory and the impact agenda

Winner of the CUP Graduate Essay Prize: Desiree Lim, KCL


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Badiou and the State: International Conference in Munich, 18-19. January 2016

Badiou und der Staat | Badiou and the State

Badiou and the State JPEG

Munich School of Philosophy: 18.-19. January 2016

Badiou’s philosophy has received much acclaim for the rigorous and systematic unfolding of his theory. But the French philosopher has even received more critique because of his radicalism. Is Badiou’s oeuvre not undermining the value of political representation via the state? What is left of the state in Badiou’s thought if political and universal “events” by definition bear validity through their illegitimacy while the state is only representing legality?  What role does the state play in Badiou’s own adherence to Marxism and / or Maoism? How can his philosophy be compared to theories of the state in classical political and practical philosophy? What is the relation of his thought compared to fellow philosophers of his generation, like Deleuze, Lefort, Legendre, Negri, Ranciere or Zizek? The conference “Badiou and the State / Badiou und der Staat” is dedicated to these questions that Badiou’s philosophy provokes. (Languages: English and German)


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