Social Trust Conference Submission Deadline Extended

BGSU philosophy will begin reviewing abstracts for the social trust conference following the deadline of December 15th, but abstracts will be accepted through January and evaluated on a rolling basis. We welcome abstracts from philosophers, political scientists, and economists.

Conference details below. Please submit abstracts to Sally Pietrasz (

Call for Abstracts

The Bowling Green Workshop in Applied Ethics and Public Policy

Social Trust

April 20th-21st, 2018

Keynote Speakers: Cristina Bicchieri (University of Pennsylvania) and Ted Hinchman (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

Political scientists and economists have studied social trust for decades, but social trust is seriously underexplored in philosophical contexts, despite a sizeable literature on personal trust in ethics, psychology, and epistemology. Yet given the centrality of social trust for social order, it seems natural to think that analyses of social trust and its value could help answer some of the central questions in social and political philosophy. The purpose of this workshop is to generate a cross-disciplinary discussion on the nature and value of social trust among philosophers, political scientists, and economists working in the area or interested in doing so. We invite a range of submissions from any theorists, social or normative, working on topics concerned with social trust. read more...

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CfA: Summer School GREYZONE Edinburgh June 2018

Call for Applications – Summer School

Navigating the Grey Zone: Complicity, Resistance and Solidarity

University of Edinburgh, 25-27 June 2018

In June 2018 the University of Edinburgh is hosting an interdisciplinary Summer School entitled “Navigating the Grey Zone: Complicity, Resistance and Solidarity.” As conceptualized here, the grey zone is not identical with Primo Levi’s notion. While it encompasses Levi’s account, we aim to build a wider typology of those who remain silent and turn their eyes away from violations, who indirectly benefit from injustice, and who make abuses possible without necessarily acting as co-principal wrongdoers. This event targets PhD students and early career researchers (within 4 years of obtaining their doctorate). We will explore the complexities of complicity in and resistance to systemic human rights violations. Moreover, we will consider the ethical and political value of art for shedding light on the ambiguous reality of political responsibility and fostering relations of political solidarity. The Summer School is part of the interdisciplinary ERC research Project GREYZONE, and we aim to bring together perspectives from political theory, political science, law, history, sociology, cultural studies, aesthetics and art. The main goal is to give participants the opportunity to interact across disciplinary boundaries with several international experts and to receive critical feedback on their own projects. The Summer School will involve extended scholarly discussions as well as social activities, allowing the participants to exchange ideas and initiate academic collaborations in a friendly environment. Participants will include a diverse mix of senior and junior scholars, PhD students and artists, who will work together on problematising the many faces of complicity, resistance and solidarity. read more...

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Call for Papers: World Government

Call for Papers: World Government
Special issue of Philosophical Papers
Guest editor: Attila Tanyi (University of Tromsø)

Theorizing about world government has a long history. Formulations of some version of the idea already appear in Chinese, Indian as well as ancient Greek thought and later supporters (in Western philosophy) include Dante and Erasmus (while others, such as Bentham and Kant, offered qualified support only).
Today the idea appears to enjoy a new renaissance. This is perhaps not surprising. The world is encountering several global existential challenges, among them climate change, global injustice, and the threat of (nuclear) war. Some think that there is only one adequate answer to these challenges: to create a world state that governs the entire globe. Others think that creating a world state is not a good idea for a variety of reasons, both moral as well as non-moral (such as political or pragmatic).
The aim of this issue of Philosophical Papers is to contribute to the ongoing debate with articles that discuss, clarify and, in general, take a stand on the matter of world government. read more...

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Association for Social and Political Philosophy Annual Conference, Rome 21-23 June 2018



Association for Social and Political Philosophy

Annual Conference 21-23 June 2018

Rome, Sapienza University of Rome – LUISS Guido Carli


Keynote speakers:

Allen Buchanan, Duke University

Davina Cooper, King’s College London

Fabienne Peter, University of Warwick

Panel and paper proposals are invited on Legitimacy and

Public Ethics

Human Rights

Democracy and Transitional Justice

Rawls and his critics

Power, Knowledge and Exploitation

Gender and Sexuality



Republicanism and Roman Political Thought

Law, History and Political Science

Please send panel proposals to by January 30th 2018. read more...

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Final Reminder: CFP for the Northwestern University Society for the Theory of Ethics and Politics (NUSTEP) conference

Call for Papers, Final Reminder

Deadline for Submissions is December 15th!

The Northwestern University Society for the Theory of Ethics and Politics (NUSTEP) will be holding its 12th annual conference at Northwestern University on March 8–March 10, 2018. The conference will feature keynote addresses by Niko Kolodny (Berkeley) and Sharon Street (NYU). We are now accepting paper submissions.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: We welcome submissions from faculty and graduate students, as some sessions will be reserved for student presentations. Please submit an essay of approximately 4000 words. Essay topics in all areas of ethical theory and political philosophy will be considered, although some priority will be given to essays that take up themes from the work of Niko Kolodny and Sharon Street: constructivism, evolution and morality, democracy, subordination, domination, epistemic and practical reasons, friendship and love, liberalism, metaethics, political authority, and rationality. Essays should be prepared for blind review in word, rtf, or pdf format.  read more...

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MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory 2018

The MANCEPT Workshops is an annual conference in political theory, organised under the auspices of the Manchester Centre for Political Theory. Next year’s conference will take place on Monday 10 September to Wednesday 12 September at the Arthur Lewis Building, University of Manchester.  The conference offers academics an opportunity to come together in a series of workshops so as to develop specialised work and engage in lively philosophical discussion. Attracting scholars throughout the world, the conference is now established as a leading international forum dedicated to the development of research in all subfields of political theory. read more...

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